More Gathering

picture-3596More gathering of seeds happening here. What a selection. Each plant has a unique seed design….texture, shape, color, as well as specific propagation requirements. Such incredible diversity. Here are a few we collected most recently:picture-3597picture-3600

8 comments on “More Gathering

    • Thank you , Kerry…but I must admit, I am no photographer, it really is the camera. I look at something, point and shoot, and hope for the best! Of course, those great shapely and colorful seeds make a great subject. Hope you are enjoying your Fall, so nice to have a little coolness!

  1. Collecting seeds is one of my favorite things to do! It’s like a treasure hunt. Right now the area around our dining table is surrounded by paper bags full of all sorts of perennial seeds. I still need to find the time to clean them, package them and send most to various seed exchanges.

    • Excellent! How are you Amy? Busy summer? Are you coming to Maine at all? We save seed primarily from the nursery…woodland and native plants, but also in the veg garden. Hope for the future all locked up into these little parcels!

      • It’s all grand here! All of us at Rocky Dale Gardens are prepping to raise the barn to repair the under-pinnings….HUGE job!!
        No plans for a trip up your way…I wish there was. One of these days.

    • Basically a native and one that we enjoy in the ornamental gardens. Yes, the berries are very poisonous but we don’t worry too much about them. There are part of our native landscape and we try and educate those who visit about plants which can be harmful. No little kids here and most animals know enough to not eat the berries. Quite stunning berries though!

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