Japanese Toad Liliy

Tricyrtis miyazaki

Tricyrtis miyazaki

Tricyrtis miyazaki is on display in the shade gardens at the moment. Yesterday, I even pulled my intern off the shingling job she was working on to sit and take a closer look at these fascinating blooms. There should be a fancy hat designed after this late season jewel! It has faired well in the border of one of the display gardens here, despite the drought conditions, and is a great companion to the hosta and ferns growing along with it. Even though we are winding down in the nursery, there are still so many things to enjoy in the gardens. picture-3625

13 comments on “Japanese Toad Liliy

    • Quite beautiful, yes? Would have to check Fall stock in the nursery, we don’t typically ship plants and would avoid doing so while in bloom. best to check in the spring. It does make a wonderful addition to the Fall shade garden.

  1. What a beautiful plant. Unfortunately, it was one of the first plants the deer went to each year, and I rarely got to see it bloom.

  2. Thanks for reminding us of this great bloom. We had this plenty once but lost it, most likely through neglect. Wanna try it again!

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