Gnomes And Mushrooms

picture-3696After a little rain, finally, (though not nearly enough) we found several mushrooms while outdoors yesterday.I think these are Coprinus (please, correct me if I’m wrong) and were among the many varieties we found. I couldn’t resist the portrait of ‘gnome with mushrooms’…. just the kind of weird thing you do on your first day of being closed after a long season! Actually, though we are technically closed for the season, if you really need some plants, we are open by appointment through the month of October. Now that we are getting a bit of rain, you may have a few last selections before the snow flies. Feel free to call us if you’d like to visit the nursery between now and the end of October, we’ll be sure to make some time for you.

10 comments on “Gnomes And Mushrooms

  1. I hope that you get to enjoy a little bit of leisure time during this lovely weather. You must breathe a big sigh when the nursery selling season is over.

    • A big sigh, yes but we love all the wonderful things the nursery brings to our lives….working outdoors, our time together, tending plants, and of course, the customers that visit. It is a wonderful life for sure, though the pace is at a dead run from early April til the end of September. Now, a little breath in the day….still much to do, but at a slightly slower jog!.

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