Heading Off To Ireland

picture-3704I’m heading off to Ireland again. While there, I’ll keep you posted on our travels and adventures. I’ll take pictures. I’ll do some writing. Then….I’ll come home and hunker down for the good long winter months.
By the way, that little gal in the picture is Dottie. Remember her? The lamb who had a puncture wound on her foot when she was just a wee little thing? She’s all better and quite the gal….only needing just a bit of a reminder from time to time that she is, in fact, a sheep.

10 comments on “Heading Off To Ireland

  1. A refreshing trip I hope, after your busy, busy growing season. Safe travels, loved your photos last time of the horses etc.
    Dottie looks like she’s right at home there. Such a sweet face.

    • Will do, Kerry, Thank you! it was a long haul with ‘Dottie’ the lamb, lots of vet trips and bandage changing ( not to mention diapers while in the house!) but she is strong and spunky now!

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