Covering Some ground

1508Today was bright and sunny here in Ireland. Stunning weather really. We waste no time covering ground once we touch down. A long glorious walk among some of the most beautiful stone walls I’ve ever seen, a view that looks all the way to Rossbeigh and the Dingle peninsula, and fields of green grass that caused the sheep farmer in me to be quite envious. The walk was on an old farm in Glenbeigh, and as usual, we had a light lunch packed…..local cheese, a fresh loaf of ciabatta bread, and some Greek olives. No need for fancy tables or a long menu to choose from, an old wooden stool in a cow barn works just fine. A perfect day.1495

12 comments on “Covering Some ground

    • The cheese here in Ireland is always amazing….and having a little picnic outdoors, a lovely walk through green fields, and the views…can’t beat them!! Thank you for reading, I’ll try and post more while here!

    • Hi Annie, Yes, it is a working farm belonging to a neighboring bachelor near my friend Sally’s home. He raises cattle and sheep……quite a stunning place, but most lovely because it is not a ‘showplace’ but a real working farm….like our farms in Maine bells and whistles but pure beauty .

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