100A day of kicking around. Tending to Sally’s donkeys, picking up some groceries in town, and a late afternoon picnic at Rossbeigh beach. Tonight we’ll go see our friend Charlie at the nursing home. Charlie was featured in the book Sally wrote about the ‘horseman of County Kerry , called ‘A Fair Day’. Charlie’s stories and reflections on how life use to be in rural Ireland have been a delight to record. I think he likes sharing them. I know I love hearing them.108074
Back home I am certain that our country is caught up in the whirlwind of this year’s election. I did cast my vote before leaving. I think it is safe to say that regardless of the box we may choose to check, this year has brought all of us a good measure of angst and uncertainty. Tomorrow we’ll know the outcome. For better or for worse. In response to this election, I have made up my mind to practice ( even more than I do), as much respect, honor, civilness, and goodwill as possible. Hoping that this pledge to be mindful, always, of these very important attributes, the ones I believe we were all taught at one time in our lives, will help steer us towards a more just and considerate future. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

9 comments on “Rossbeigh

  1. That is definitely not too much to ask of your fellow citizens. I’m not sure the politicians can handle it, but we can hope. 🙂 I stood in line outside the polling place today for only the second time in my voting career, and I wish I could say I feel good about my vote. I’d much rather be there with you tending to the donkeys. There’s a pun there, but I’ll leave it alone. 🙂

  2. I think I saw what you did there Judy….anyway looks like a fine day in Eire. I’m finding at least one thing a day to look for, to give a sincere compliment, a small gift or time. Actually not too hard!

  3. I suspect it will be some time–and a great deal of turmoil–before we come to a more just and considerate future. It must be an interesting perspective to see the election reaction from the Irish point of view. The world turned upside-down.

    • Oh, Brenda…it is so sad and the Irish are very confused , wondering what has happened to the country everyone in the world had looked to for guidance, a standard, promise and hope for the future . it is sad for me to admit, we have become a bit lost ( A bit???) and need to find our way again. Blessings and good will to you, my friend.

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