Wreaths, Scones, and Tea

workshp-094workshp-080_dsc3744_dsc3650Sally and I offered a wreath making class to neighbors and friends here in Ireland. Great fun! It was held up the road in the donkey pasture. The donkeys and ponies seemed to enjoy having a little gathering in their field, they all stayed close by, getting regular pats from the wreath makers. First thing this morning we were out foraging for material, then baking chocolate almond scones and preparing tea, and filling baskets with the necessary tools for wreath making….. wire, pliers, hand clippers, gloves. All the ladies that came did a fantastic job making their wreaths…. beautiful really, each and every one. We started by making a frame with willow, then adding other foraged embellishments….holly, hawthorn, various evergreens, lichens, and berries. Almost any wild found material can add a little something to these home-made creations. What a treat to have an abundance of greenery available. Back home in Maine many of the herbaceous plants have died back, leaving mostly coniferous plants for wreath making.
During our class, each person used their unique and thoughtful talent to assemble their very own stylish wreath. Check them out…..
I do hope everyone went home to display them on their front doors …a picture perfect entryway, I’d say! workshp-041workshp-071workshp-069workshp-043workshp-050workshp-063 workshp-074 workshp-092

11 comments on “Wreaths, Scones, and Tea

  1. I always enjoy seeing your photos from Ireland. You and Sally sure know how to have a good time. The scones looked delicious and the wreathes are lovely. And the neighbors look like fun ladies.

    • Thank you, Linda…..I think scones can help any occasion! it is great to be here, and yes we do have some fun. great to have such a good friend that likes so many of the same things….animals, farming, art,……and scones! be well, denise

  2. Wow Denise, the wreaths look so beautiful and fresh looking, I can almost smell them. Thanks for sharing your life in Maine and in Ireland, I find your writings uplifting, informative and quite inspiring!

    • Hello Paula, Thank you for reading! it is always fun to see friends here in Ireland…also to gather and make something! Ireland is a beautiful country for sure, Maine too, of course.Hope your Fall is going well! best to you, denise

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