Almost Out The Door…..

_dsc4527Three more days and I’ll be out the door and back to my home ground. After a long and busy season at the nursery, it sure has been nice (and restorative) to step away from our very busy life and have such a different and delightful change of scenery. Travel is nice, but home is home, and there are still plenty of chores that await me. While here in Ireland, Sally and I do seem to cover a lot of ground without really ever venturing far from her roots in County Kerry. However, tomorrow we head up to Galway for the Christmas markets. Fun, fun, fun! I am looking forward to being in the city while they begin ‘dressing’ up for the Christmas holiday. There’s a bit more room in my suitcase for a nice little tree ornament or some hand-made gifts….we shall see! In the meantime, I am trying to find a creative way to package an old enamel canning pot for air travel….hmmm. Any ideas?
Happy day everyone!_dsc4583

3 comments on “Almost Out The Door…..

  1. The door is handsome. The pot, well, maybe packed with clothes but I’m not sure it will fit in the suitcase. And, can’t you imagine the TSA trying to figure out what the heck this woman has in her bag. 🙂 And, when you get home, I think you need to ‘introduce’ us to Sally – relative, friend, how you met. I can already tell she’s a special person in your life. 🙂 Travel safely.

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