picture-3771Home now from my trip away, though Ireland is still very fresh in my mind. The good friends I have made, the rolling green pastures, and the snow capped mountains are all still very present. Then, of course, there’s my time with donkeys, enough tea to float a 25-pound turkey (today is Thanksgiving!), and the great fun I have with Sally traipsing through farms and cow pastures, through gorse and over stone walls, like two wild children who have escaped school for the day. If we were children, I am certain we’d have a secret hideout built with found objects and discarded lumber, a place to tie our ponies and go off exploring the fields and woods, looking for treasures. Of course, we’d have a picnic basket full of goodies, just like the one we never leave without, to keep us well fed while ‘adventuring’. When we are together, my friend and I, although we are mid-life in age, we revert to our Huckleberry Finn/ Pippy Longstocking personalities. I’m so glad for that.
Now home and as I settle back into my familiar stomping grounds, I will join with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. Family and friends will gather for a meal, some will come in from a long morning of hunting ready to fill their bellies with stuffing and cranberry sauce, others will have enjoyed a lazy morning preparing a side dish to bring over. I hope they stayed in their P.J’s while stirring pots. The house will be full of chatter, laughter, and hugs. I’ll be glad to be home. I am glad to be home. I love the landscape and the community that is felt in both places….Maine and Ireland. I love going to Ireland and feeling the acceptance of the people there, who are all so generous and welcoming. Jo Noonan, who I learn so much from. Cathy and Frank who invite me for dinner and share stories of their past. Charlie, of course, Charlie!, who one might like to tuck into their pocket to bring home….a long ride for my 91-year-old friend who has never stepped foot out of Ireland. I also love coming home to my tribe here, my friends and family, who really are the essence of home to me.
So much happening in the world, lots to be concerned about, work ahead of us all, but today I will focus on cooking a meal, listening to loved ones, and being grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

11 comments on “Home

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all. Sounds like a wonderful idyllic time you had in Ireland. Glad you’re back to Maine safely and thanks for my horse picture. Looks like a free spirit!

    • It is certainly a blessing to have this time in Ireland, with a friend who shares many of the same interests and thoughts on life, and for our time there to be, as you put it so well, idyllic. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving day!

    • Hi Judy, good to be home and I hope your Thanksgiving day was a delight. The photo was from Connemara and that was a lone Connemara catching a bit of rest and early morning sun. We went to the Christmas marts in Galway but decided that scooting up to Connemara would be a better use of time. It was! Instead of shopping at the Christmas mart we went to a sheep auction….much more suited to our tastes,I guess!

  2. One thing I am most grateful for is receiving your wonderful photos and commentaries on your travels both at home and abroad. I envy your ability to explore and enjoy life!! Thank you!👌

  3. How nice to come back to a festive Thanksgiving. I love that you and Sally have Huck Finn/Pippi Longstocking tendencies. The older I get, the more I revert to my childhood pleasures, including aimless wandering and exploring in the woods. I’ve even been thinking about a treehouse! Welcome home neighbor.

    • Thank you, Brenda! Hope you had a wonderful day as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been fond of giving up my Huck Finn/Pippi tendencies…..I suppose it has brought balance to the other half of my very serious and reasonable brain, the one that can provoke deep concern or worry and keep me up at night. A tree house sounds like a great idea!!Be sure to add heat ( gas monitor or sailboat heater) so that you can climb up in the dead of winter, when the snow is falling gently and gathering on the branches. It will be like a personal snow globe! Let me know when you drop the rope ladder from the highest branch, I’ll brings a sack of PBJ sandwiches and a thermos of tea! best to you, Brenda!

  4. Lovely that you made it here and back safely with a few new memories made along the way. Home really is where family is and where the one’s you love most are…sounds like you have two homes Denise, what a blessing that is for you!

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