In The Studio

picture-3809Yesterday I treated myself to a day in the studio. There was a fire in the woodstove and a tea kettle whistling on top of it….the makings of a good day. I spent the first part of the morning cleaning and organizing supplies, labeling baskets that contain ‘needful things’ and making a list of unfinished projects. There seems to be enough on the list to carry me through the winter without starting anything new. Not starting any new projects? That won’t happen. I did finish an elf I was working on. Well, maybe he’s finished. I may still add a little more embroidery, a bell, and a burlap sack to hold. The body of the elf is paper mache and his clothes are felted wool. Mr. Elf has been brought inside and will sit on the dining table along with some berries and greenery to help him feel at home. Now, should I start another elf or pull something to complete from the ‘to do’ list? Hmmm.

19 comments on “In The Studio

  1. I look forward to every blog you write–enjoying the opportunity to see a really different life from my suburban Atlanta little piece of property. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I can escape from the cares and fears of our post-election life. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Lynn! Your comment has warmed my heart. it is certainly nice for me to tuck away in my little woodland studio and get lost in the ‘making of things’. Especially after the election chaos and the uncertainty of the future. What is the feel in Atlanta? Peace be with you and if you ever travel North bound, I’ll have a hot cup of tea waiting for you!

  2. Apparently we think alike. I, too, spent yesterday readying my work room for winter projects and starting a quilt. With leftover turkey, stuffing, and gruyere sandwiches, the day was about perfect. And this morning it’s snowing a bit. I love this time of year. Your elf reminds me that it’s time to put up the outdoor lights. We’re debating whether Capp will try to eat our window candles. Enjoy this cozy Sunday.

  3. That sounds like a perfectly wonderful day. Hurrah for completing an unfinished project, always rewarding. As regards what to do next, perhaps consult Mr. Elf; he has a wise yet whimsical look that I find very trustable!

    • Thank you, Melissa…always so good to hear from you. And I count on your wisdom with regards to elves and the likes, no doubt you run across a few from time to time there on the Aran Islands. Already on to the next elf, surely the one on the dining table needs company. Bet you are glad to be home making things with your tribe, getting ready for the holiday and spreading love and cheer. Warm wishes to you and all!

      • I’ve seen a few fairies but no elves…I’m thinking they might be a bit shy or perhaps just better at eluding me.

        We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a few other half American families, potluck style. It was incredible!

        Yes, we have been busy as Santa’s elves between baking and crafting. The weather has been just incredible, so dry and calm with just a bit of a nip as to be expected.

        I look forward to seeing the next elf and all the other projects you share. Blessings and happy crafting!

    • Thank you, Sherille…elves hold a special place in my heart. My grandmother, the one who had such influence in my life as a young girl, adored elves, gnomes, and pixies. She also has a lot to do with my love for making things. Happy holidays to you!

    • Hi Annie, Great fun being had here with my elf making project. Once the face is applied they really do take on their own personality. Yes, wool from my sheep for sure. Elf making is a great stress reliever around the holiday whoop la! Happy day and Happy Holiday to you!!

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