picture-3838A beautiful light snow fell yesterday, six inches in all. It was an easy snow to shovel and we’re happy about that. Around here there are many paths to be cleared…to the barn, the hoop houses, and greenhouse, to the studio and little cabin, etc… even the entire driveway. Sometimes we use the tractor for this (the driveway) but prefer to clear the way without the noise and fumes. No need for a winter fitness program, we certainly get our workout. Rick and I don’t mind, we’re outdoors, together, and home, three things we love most. Inside, a pot of potato leek soup ( the last of our stored leeks!) was warming on the cookstove, a much welcome reward after a day of shoveling.
The sheep, though designed for cold and blustery weather, may take a few moments to come out and face the day. Here are a few barnyard shots from yesterday morning:picture-3830picture-3843
If you reside in the North East and got snow as well, I hope you enjoyed the wintery weather!

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  1. Visited your place for the first time last summer. I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Can’t wait to get back to our summer home in Maine so I can come to your farm again. Sue

    • Hi Sue,
      Thank you and how delightful to hear that you enjoyed your visit to the nursery! We very much appreciate the visitors that come here….we get to talk gardening and farming with folks that enjoy these things as well!
      Hope you have a holiday full of goodness and wonder, best to you, denise

    • Thank you, Paula…good thing we love what we do and the work that’s involved….some would call us crazy! Truth be told, winter is a favorite season of mine ( as well as the gardening season!!!), a little more down time and I love snow! Happy Holidays, Paula. Denise

  2. Well, I don’t think I enjoyed the shoveling yesterday or the ice scraping today quite as much as you did. 🙂 Maybe it is because you have all those handsome animals around to keep you smiling. Your leek soup sounded delicious and warming. I’ve got a pot of chili on right now. Happy Sunday, neighbor.

    • I was born in January, maybe that’s why I love snow so much…or just a bit crazy! Ooh, I think a good pot of chili sounds good, next on the line menu…thanks for reminding me! Do you have a big crowd coming for Christmas? So glad we found each others blogs…reading yours is always a gift. Happy Sunday to you as well! Hello to Dennis!

  3. Love the connection you provide to New England. I have enjoyed your posts this year and look forward to 2017’s. Have a very Merry Christmas and a cozy winter.

    • Yes, ice here as well. Some wet weather yesterday (after the 6 inches) and now slippery paths…time to attach the ‘ice grippers’ to our boots. Snow…more of it anytime. Ice…not so much.

  4. I had to smile – please tell Rick that Anne & Bruce probably did NOT enjoy the shoveling yesterday as much as you both did! Love your newsletter. Merry Christmas.

    • Hello Anne, I will surely tell him but don’t want to give him any ideas of going on a snow shoveling/wood splitting strike. I think I have him convinced that shoveling snow is a nice way for us to spend time together! Happy Holidays!! denise

  5. I’m impressed that you shovel your whole driveway. Let’s hope it’s a short one. We are a bit icy here, too, after yesterday’s weather. So much so that I broke down and bought some YakTrax. It is refreshing to hear your praise of winter (I love it too). So many people moan and groan about it and never get outside to enjoy its wonders. I don’t know if you can see the sunrise from your place, but it has been a spectacular unfolding event this morning. Finally, I love your sheep. Keep warm and happy.

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