A Storm Brewing

picture-3880A snowstorm in the forecast, although the predicted snow accumulation seems to dwindle as the day moves along. Dang! Now, we may see some freezing rain instead! I’d much prefer snow. Snow is good for banking the house, helping to insulate the plants outdoors, and can certainly help with the water table come spring. I was really hoping for a lofty blanket of snow to welcome in the New Year. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a long cross country ski to reflect on the places we’ve been and the road ahead? I can still hope. After all, hope is and will be a necessary endeavor as we enter 2017.picture-3882
Now that the Christmas holiday is behind us, I will start the New Year with a clean slate. First on the agenda is straightening up the studio. All the Christmas Merry-making caused a bit of a stir out there. There is still lots of wool to spin and dye for upcoming events, some felting projects that need completing, and an elf or two in the making. Organizing my workspace will probably help with the progress of these things…. it’s hard for me to be creative amongst the clutter.
Here’s wishing you the very best in the upcoming year….Peace, happiness, and love. Happy New Year!picture-3874picture-3877

25 comments on “A Storm Brewing

  1. We are all hunkering down also as the Nor’Easter and Mr Wind howl.
    Lots of wool, and quilting fabric here Larder is full, days getting longer, soon maple sap and spring. Maine is such a wonderful place to live ,work, play, and Garden year ’round in season.

  2. Hope you get the snow you want. We had almost an inch of rain last night and are expecting more on Sunday and Monday. Fingers crossed the weatherman is right, as we are more than 10 inches down this year.

    • Happy new year, Marion!Yes, we most certainly did get the snow i wished for. A wet heavy snow that left us without power for two days…no worries, we are well equipped for surviving winter weather and what comes with it. Lots of shoveling, tea drinking, and knitting be the fire!

  3. I hope you are far enough inland that you are getting snow – we got a bare dusting here in Ellsworth (where I work) before it turned to rain. Now I hope it stays above 32 until the precip stops, but how likely is that in December? Maybe I should have gotten ice skates for the car?

      • Two days??? That’s beyond a fun way to spend the day. We were lucky- less than 6 inches in each storm, power stayed on. Hope things are normal again for you so you can brCe for tomorrow night. 😀

  4. I was hoping for snow here but we got very little–did you end up just with rain? Our water table is so low–we need BIG snows! And, yes, a new year–time to organize the studio and assess, and make big plans! Oh, and try not to obsess about political changes . . .

    • Hello Kerry, yes, we did get snow 10 inches, heavy and wet. We hope for more to help the water table come spring. We lost power for two days….nothing much else to do but shovel and organize the studio. Happy Day and Happy New Year to you!

  5. Our tv weather folks got all worked up about nothing here in west Michigan. Cold but just dusted with snow. Course I haven’t checked with the world beyond my front yard yet. Happy New Year ..good luck with the organizing.

    • Thank you, Sue….fortunately I like to organize almost as much as I like to make things! A fair amount of snow here, loss of power, and more to come tonight! i guess I am getting what I wished for! Happy New Year!

    • Oh Judy come right along, I’d love your help organizing and your expertise on a quilt that needs finishing and has sat now for two years!! Hopefully 2017 will be the year for cleaning up unfinished projects! happy New Year!

  6. Sadly, ALL rain down here…. The pictures of your studio space and felty beings are cozy and delightful, no matter the weather!! Winter, It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

    • Hello melody, Great to hear from you! hope the holiday season brought you and Scott much joy and happiness. I bet you place up on fry Mountain looked magical with all the snow we got…yesterday the sun came out and it looked as if everything was covered in diamonds. The landscape up on Fry must have been gorgeous! A great day for a sleigh ride…saddle up and head north! happy New Year to you both, hope to see you soon and thank you so much for staying in touch!

  7. Happy New Year. Orrington had 4 to 5 inches of heavy, wet snow. Power was off several hours, but is back on now. It looks like a winter wonderland. I like to bake when it snows. Enjoy the beauty that’s outside.

    • Right there with you, Linda. A great time to bake and enjoy the coziness of home! About 10 inches here, loss of power for two days, a very heavy wet snow…much easier to shovel the light fluffy stuff! Happy New Year!

    • Hello jean, mostly fabric from my grandmothers stash..not much wool in that case but some gorgeous linen. I do have some beautiful wool from here as well, most of it over 50 yrs. old and in beautiful shape. The fabric being much better back in the day! i hook a bit as well ( another thing on the ‘to do’ list for 2017). Happy New Year to you!

  8. We had mad winds here, but only about six inches of snow–heavy, heavy snow. More tonight maybe? Stay warm and enjoy your studio organizing. A good way to start the new year.

  9. Good to see your elf from a previous post has a friend in the making 🙂 I too am more productive in a tidy space, don’t enjoy cooking or crafting until the space is neatened up- constant challenge with the children, but I wouldn’t change a thing for now. Time will do that for me as they will inevitably age and go beyond these four walls. Yes, I will tidy and retidy for now. Just having a thought that makes me laugh out loud… it may be me more than they that makes these messes, haha! Time will tell 😀

    • Now that my kids are grown and out the door , there are days I would trade their absence for the house of dishevelment I remember. The regular conversation about “tidying up”, “put away your things”, ” don’t leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor”. I remember a poem about a mama bird and taking such time and effort to build a nest, to rear their brood, only to have them fly away in the end.That great skill of nurturing a home, tending to the day to day, is always a practice in letting go. I guess everything is. Hard for those of us who would prefer to just ‘put on an addition’, ‘stretch the walls a bit’, and keep everyone to home. The efforts of Mama, fortunately, are not just in the day to day but in the teaching to go and fly.So glad you settle in to the ‘what is’, savoring the now, savoring the collection of shoes that pile up and need sorting, savoring the buzz of your family all together and that wise choice of not wishing the moments away. hello to that happy family of yours!!

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