Off To A Good Start

Picture 613On this first day of a New Year, what do we do? First, we shovel (again) after another good dose of snow, we eat a hot breakfast of farm raised eggs, homemade sourdough bread, and hot coffee, then we ice fish out on lake St. George and bring home a decent size salmon, we tackle a bit of sewing on the quilt that has been sitting for two years, and just before dinner we light candles and listen to Celtic music playing on our local radio station. Here’s to the New Year and ‘off to a good start’.
And…one more thing….some winter poetry by Marge Piercy. Enjoy.

On New Year’s Day

Bless this my house under the pitch pines
where the cardinal flashes and the kestrels hover
crying, where I live and work with my lover
Woody and my cats, where the birds gather
in winter to be fed and the squirrel dines
from the squirrel-proof feeder. Keep our water
bubbling up clear. Protect us from the fire’s
long teeth and the lashing of the hurricanes
and the government. Please, no foreign wars.
Keep this house from termites and the bane
of quarreling past what can be sweetly healed.
Keep our cats from hunters and savage dogs.
Watch with care over Woody splitting logs
and mostly keep us from our sharpening fear
as we skate over the ice of the new year.

Marge Piercy

10 comments on “Off To A Good Start

  1. Wow–that poem is wonderful! And, yes, protect us from the government . . . The image of skating over the (thin) ice of the new year seems especially potent this year. Imagine that. Happy 2017!

  2. A good start and a good poem. You got a lot more snow than we did–and we’re not far away. I suspect we have a little more coastal moderation here in Union. I am happy to see you have “real” snowshoes. I grew up on them but we bought modern metal/plastic style snowshoes when we in Alaska. I hated them. Now that we’re in Maine, I’m going back to the old style. But here’s my real question. Salmon in Lake St. George? Stocked and landlocked? What kind of salmon are they? Hope you don’t lose your power again. It’s raining here.

    • Hi Brenda,
      A landlocked salmon…. just over 18 inches. yes, I have a goof friend in Waldoboro and she reported far less snow as well. More rain apparently. I love those snowshoes, a pair of bear paws and they were given to me by the father of an old boyfriend…many, many years ago. I think of their family and the miles I trekked through heavy snow with their son. Great fun then, great fun now! How’s your new pup like the winter weather? If you need a place that has some deeper snow for snowshoeing, come on up!

      • Capp loves the snow, but he’s not quite as snow-ecstatic as Zoe was. We sold our snowshoes and cross country skis when we left Alaska. I just bought some skis, but we have yet to buy snowshoes. I would love to come up and visit you at some point, though (or have you over here). It’s pouring rain here now, I fear our snow is not long for this world!

        • let’s stay in touch…there may be some good snow in the future and a day of snowshoeing too good to miss. We have several extra pairs of snowshoes! Our yellow lab, Miller, acts like a polar bear in snow….right in his element!

    • It was a pretty decent day…..catching a salmon on our first day out ice fishing, not bad. Have you read poetry by Marge Piercy before? She has been a favorite of mine over the years, glad you enjoyed the ‘New Year’s Day’ poem she wrote. Sloppy mess of weather over the last day or two, freezing rain..yuck!

  3. Denise, It is both a poem and a prayer, beautiful. And so is your life. I love everything you share, most especially the sense of gratitude and peace with all you do and have, showing such appreciation for each moment, grand or small, routine or out of ordinary. I felt it when we met, I feel it in all your posts and comments. So happy to call such a phenomenal woman as you my friend. Much love, Melissa

    • I hardly know what to say..except thank you, Melissa. Who would have thought a box with a screen and a the ability to type some words would lead me to a kindred spirit…. and then have the grand chance to meet!! I feel this way about our friendship as well. Still remembering with great fondness that wonderful day visiting you ( and your family)on the Aran islands, and the connection we’ve made. A gift you are and I do so appreciate your thoughts and your posts, your insights into the world.Gratitude!! Much Love to you as well!Denise

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