Mucking Out

picture-3916Out went our Christmas tree today. Amazing how much more light comes through the big windows without a shade tree blocking the way. Now it can stand out beside the trellis for the remainder of the winter and the birds can enjoy it.
The sun was bright this afternoon and it was warm enough to muck out the chicken coop and sheep pens. No frozen poop to chisel! That’s nice. All the bedding gets tossed into a big sled and then dragged over to be emptied into the compost piles. Soil food!! See, even though we enjoy our winter hibernation we still have gardening in our thoughts.
After a fine day of working mostly outdoors, it was time to come in, stoke the fires, and make some dinner. Dinner? Remember that salmon we caught ice fishing? Filleted, dredged in flour, salt, and pepper, then sauteed in butter…..the best!picture-3921

10 comments on “Mucking Out

      • We didn’t cut ours until the 23rd, so it is still good. 😀We actually never got it decorated- it has on it the 5 ornaments we got this year, and that is it. I kind of think it looks good! And taking it down will be simple. Sometimes procrastination is good.

    • always feels great to ‘mop the decks’ out in the sheep barn and in the chicken coop. Fresh bedding for the sheep, fresh shavings for the birds….all’s right in the world of wool and feathers.

    • Ice fishing….one of all time favorite things to do in winter.We are so fortunate to have some many lakes and ponds to fish out of so near by. A family activity, a bit like the Gillan’s family trips to the ocean’s edge to harvest mussels, razor clams, and fish from the sea. The un-decorating does not bring me sadness, it feels like a good ritual for welcoming the new year. Let the light in! Hello to all!

  1. I have always thought I was born a few years too late. I would have adapted real well to the early days of working from dawn to dusk. Physical labor has always appealed to me, and it is is always satisfying to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. To end the day with that delicious meal would be a bonus. 🙂

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