Now Is The Time

picture-3923Now is the time we begin putting seed orders together for the vegetable gardens. Now is the time we look at our list of plants in stock for the nursery and we check our notes on all the plants we’ve propagated this past Fall. Yes, we still have some winter out in front of us. All of February, and depending on what kind of season it will be, the month of March as well. However, as we turn the page on the calendar (soon), we really do have the upcoming growing season on our minds. Rick has been very busy sourcing and also propagating some real goodies for the nursery. New plants that are sure to excite customers! I’m excited!

Now is also the time a tiny feeling of panic sets in. Winter never seems quite long enough to get all the things that I’ve wanted to do completed. I need more time for walking in the woods, some more time ice fishing, of course way more time knitting and spinning (and dyeing and felting), and working on that pesky quilt that remains unfinished but in progress, as well as a list of household projects… and if we’d only get a good dumping of snow, more snowshoeing and sledding. Slow down winter! I need more time!picture-3911
The last few days, we’ve all had a nasty cold, but this wasn’t going to keep me from progress. It is impossible for me to lay around without noting some accomplishment at the end of the day. Don’t ask me why this is a problem because I really don’t know the answer. I wasn’t quite up to splitting wood or reshingling the back of the house, but I did organize the cellar, put some time into a pair of socks I’m knitting and made bread. This, along with several cups of ginger tea, made my down days seem less down.picture-3918 Now we all feel better and are expecting a group of friends over tonight for game playing. An evening of sitting around the table with friends, a collection of goodies and drink to keep our spirits up, and a good game, is yet another winter indulgence that we’ll have no time for come summer. Yeah Winter…stay with us! What do you do during these winter months? Do you have some winter indulgences or do you wish it to hurry up and be over? To tell. picture-3925

13 comments on “Now Is The Time

  1. We’ve had the craziest winter..rain last week, some froze. Today was 60 mud but the sun did appear. Now it will cool down. I fear a lot of plant and bulb damage.

    • The fluctuation of temperature, especially without the snow-cover (which we now have lost a considerable amount of) is really hard on the plants. Snow maybe this week, but more freezing rain predicated as well.

  2. I like winter, too, and haven’t had nearly enough of it yet! Like you, I plan, in my head, for all the things I am going to accomplish in these “down” months, things I love to do! But the days fly by. And this strange weather. My cousins are already collecting sap–in January??

    • Wow, collecting sap in January! I am trying to savor each day and this luxury of time. I know once the season begins ( the growing season) the pace will change and we will hit the ground running. Having the winter month of February still to come is giving me piece of mind!

  3. I so enjoy reading about all you do. You are both such hard workers-and obviously enjoy what you do.I appreciate your sharing your\\\enjoyment. I can no long do much, so really like following you in your busy life. Love to you both Wally Alberts

  4. Thanks for the report. I am curious to know what is propagated and how propagation it is done in January in Maine. A few short, general hints on that subject would be appreciated.

    • Hi Paula,
      We propagate a large percentage of the plants we grow here, many are done in the fall and late fall. Most plants are fairly specific with regards to propagation times. Often we are propagating seeds through the winter as well. A long subject to cover , for sure!

  5. Going, going, gone … and I still haven’t finished my seed orders! I just made a list of “want to do” projects for February and March and, it is clear, there is no way I will get everything done. The sad thing is, aside from some house deep-cleaning, these are all projects that I am very excited about and delight in doing. Oh well. I will just have to try to live to another winter and have the satisfaction of knowing that they will be waiting for me next year.

  6. I, too, am finding winter slipping by quickly. How can it be February already? And I haven’t even gotten started on that guest room/sewing room winter project!

  7. I’m awash in the seed catalogs, and wishing I had kept up with my notes from what worked and what didn’t last year. So looking forward to the new growing year, while acknowledging with you that winter just seems to be just about spent. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. Great post. 🐞

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