They Marched, Side By Side

rae-and-kari-marchThese two gals, dear friends, and amazing women whom I love and admire traveled together, as mother and daughter, to walk in the Women’s March in Washington. They are strong in conviction and courage, they are full of beauty and empathy, they seek truth and justice for all. When I look into their faces,
I am filled with pride. Attending the Women’s March was only one example of how these two practice citizenship. They do a range of big and small things each day….from writing letters to congressmen to volunteering with organizations who need help. They consider the needs of others, make conscious choices in the consumer world, and support a healthy and harmonious world for all….every day. I’ve witnessed it. They are an example to follow. They are to me, as Gloria Steinem put it so well, “the upside to the downside”. Thank you, dearest of friends, Kari and Rachel for putting your feet to the pavement and your voices to be heard on January 21, 2017.

18 comments on “They Marched, Side By Side

  1. Sad that we do have to fight for our rights, again, and again. But at least we have a strong army of women, like these two, who will not shut up or remain passive. There were some amazing signs at the march. One of my favorites was: “So bad, even introverts are here.”

  2. Thank you, Denise. Rachel and I agreed that it was an honor to be there, although frustrating that these rights are even up for discussion. It was thrilling to be part of such an enormous crowd in which every participant was begging with heart and voice for something positive: inclusiveness, respect, healthcare, honor, peace, truth, mother earth, and equality. Yes, there were voices of anger, but again, it’s frustrating to be at this point when we thought we were further evolved. It was exhausting. And I’d do it again. And I will. Thank YOU for your tireless devotion to Community.

  3. I love Fernwood and have many of your treasured Hostas growing in my garden in New Harbor.I do admire your friends for taking a stand to express their beliefs. What a wonderful country that by law offers freedom and justice for all.Sadly, by law, that freedom is not guaranteed to all. How easily many ignore the babies aborted by their mothers. ……..those little ones who never were given a chance to do all the things about which you write so often and with such passion… chance to walk in the woods, feel rain or snow, look up at the stars, see the ocean,love a dog, enjoy delicious homemade food, knit mittens,read a book, listen to music,be part of or loved by a family and friends. No, all of the pleasures and trials of life are denied to the aborted unborn. A person is a person no matter how small; and when you take the life of a person,that loss sadly stands forever. Virginia McMillan

    • Hi Virginia, Lets hope that the world is a better place when all voices are heard and when all lives matter. I think the Women’s March served as a platform for all of those voices. I appreciated that this mother and daughter took the time to have an active voice, to practice citizenship, and join other women and men doing the same.
      Lets hope the hosta and other plants survive this up and down temperature we are having this winter. Soon spring will be here and we will all be looking expectantly for new shoots.
      best to you and thank you for writing, denise

  4. It would be interesting to know how many of your readers marched — in Boston, or New York, or maybe somewhere else. I would not be surprised to learn that people who care for growing things in healthy soil also care to live in a healthy society. I was in the march in NYC, almost half a million women and men and children walking peacefully, without incident, with very few police because they weren’t needed — truly inspiring. Now our job is to keep the garden growing successfully. That takes care and attention every day.

    • Thank you, Styra for those wonderful words and for taking action, And isn’t that just the best analogy you had, growing a garden and growing a healthy planet of people…it does take care and attention every day! bravo!

  5. Did you see the signs that said “They buried us, but they didn’t know we are seeds”? Such an amazing day, and we all owe a lot to your friends and all the women and men who marched!

    • I am stunned by the good work of all the women and men who made their way to all locations across the country to march and to have their voice ( and signs!) heard. I was down with a terrible cold ( still!!) and didn’t make it out, very sad not to have gone!

  6. I am so grateful to all who marched, who work for the greater good, and who fight for their beliefs. Thank you for sharing thin

  7. The Women’s March in Washington…and all those globally who showed up for their own gatherings, really has been such a positive awakening for so many. A lovely post honoring your friends and all those who believe in equality. Thank you. 🐞

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