picture-2188After a morning of outdoor chores, I came in to do some computer work. Mostly looking back over photographs and sending them off to a magazine that will be featuring the nursery this spring ( more on that later!). While scanning through the many, many pictures we’ve taken, I came across this photo; a pot of blooming tea gifted to me last winter. I remember that day. My very dear friend Sid had come over for some knitting and a chat and she brought us the blooming tea to enjoy together. Flowering tea or blooming tea is a small bundle of dried flowers encased in tea leaves and left to dry.picture-2174 After we covered the bundle of dried herbs and flowers with boiling water, we sat mesmerized as it ‘bloomed’ in front of us. Of course, a glass teapot is essential for this type of tea. Magic! Delight! Surprise! And tasty! Thank you, Sid for that lovely day last winter. Sipping tea that blooms on a cold winter’s day ( with my pal, Sid)…it doesn’t get much better than that!

15 comments on “Blooming….Tea

  1. That is incredible. I’m a teaholic and confess to giving it no reverence at all. That would certainly create a more ceremonial experience. Wonderful!

    • Hello Emma, Here is a video of the blooming teas…quite fascinating. A lovely way to share a pot of tea! The tea itself is quite mild but refreshing. Glad you liked the post and I hope you get to try some blooming tea for yourself! Thank you for reading! Denise

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