Lucky Day!

picture-3948This morning while gathering extra bales of hay from the big barn, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the slick snow covering on the field behind the barn. Out came the Flexible Flyer, down came the earflaps on my wool hat, and off I went. We’re getting more snow at the moment and chances are it will cover the good icy sledding snow with a more powdery consistency. Well, I wasn’t going to let good sledding snow go to waste! Halfway down the hill, I passed over a spot that had been pawed bare by the deer. My eye caught what looked like a sharp branch. I hiked back up to investigate….and I found this single spike horn (antler). How lucky! Then!…then!….I came home to find this guy sitting in the tree just outside the sheep barn, no doubt hoping for some rodent activity to satisfy his appetite before the storm really takes hold. All before 10:00 a.m. What a lucky day!picture-3944

19 comments on “Lucky Day!

    • I’d have to spend money for that or offer up a barter for my ticket….a home grown chicken, a skein of yarn, some dilly beans??? I don’t think they’ll go for I’ll have to be happy with my winnings…a deer antler and a resident owl. Jackpot!

  1. What a find!! Here in RI we’re in the middle of a snowstorm with potentially up to 18″ or more, and I see it’s up in your neck of the woods now too! Yesterday the temps were in the high 50’s – aaaah, just love NE!! p.s. Bonnie told me she ran into you in town and sent along your well wishes. Right back at ya Denise – have fun!

    • I did see Bonnie in town and did send a shout out to ya! i love snow days…I hope you got to stay home from work!! This snow may cover up the slippery sledding slopes but may be good for the snowshoes! let’s hope! Happy, Happy snow day to you, Paula!!

  2. Love that you went sledding! Such fun! It was great sledding snow for a minite there. Nice icy crust. Beautiful shot of your owl- is that a barred? We havent seen ours in a few weeks, i should go look for him…maybe he is lurking about hoping for a snack.

    • I think it is a Barred owl…we often have a family that nests close by. Yes, I would hate to think of an entire winter going by with out at least one good sled run!! Hope you owl makes an appearance and is also hunting goodies in your neck of the woods!

  3. I envy you for getting out to co coasting. Here in the Shenandoah Valley this year we have not had snow to speak of at this point. Your finds are great, especially the owl. Just this week we have found a hawk on the telephone lines within five miles of out home and then there was a picture of him in the paper so it just wasn’t my imagination. Enjoy you notices. I forward them on to my daughter who lives in ME and she is looking forward to doing the Blooming Tea as I am.

    • Hi Cyndi, Thank you for reading and for your kind comments! What kind of hawk was it, do you know? I always feel so fortunate to have these birds of prey around us…warriors of the woods, you might say. Yes, the sledding great fun..a kid at heart, I’m afraid!!

  4. Some days are like that–bestowing unexpected gifts. Sweet. What will you do with the antler? Buttons for a sweater?
    We rarely see owls here. I’m not sure why–we have lots of hawks and some eagles. Owls are such magnificent birds. Except when their hooting intrudes all night long. When we lived in Alaska, we had a saw-whet owl with a rhythmic electronic-like beep-beep-beep mating call all night long. It drove us nuts. If “who cooks for you?” threads through your dreams, you’ll know who to blame–your big old Barred.

    • Not sure what I’ll do with the antler, I have a fairly nice collection, but I do love the slender and smooth spike horns. Right now it has a featured spot on the big trestle table in the dining area…along with some other mid- winter finds…dropped catkins, a blue jay feather, and some small pine cones. Stay warm, Brenda..we’re in for some cold and more snow!! Move over sleds and make room for snowshoes!!

        • We’re right there with you! Warmth, water, the makings of soup, plenty of firewood, tea and knitting!! It sounds like Sunday evening into Monday will be a whopper. I’m thinking a lamb roast, squash out of the cold storage, and a chocolate cake. For those who don’t like Maine’s winter, I’m not sure they’re attacking it from the right angle! It’s all about comfort and food ( and snowshoeing and knitting!). Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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