There is still snow on the ground (you think?). Our nights are still rather cold. Daytime temperatures are vacillating between giving into spring and keeping a determined hold on winter. Fickle.
I feel anxious during the month of March. On one hand, we are kept at bay from the chores we know are creeping upon us, the cold and snow make many advances impossible.Yet, still, we have to stay in step with time, moving forward regardless of weather variables. Peppers, leeks, onions, herbs, and eggplant need to be sown early in order to have a long growing season out in front of them. We stoke the wood fire, then run out to make sure the greenhouse is not getting too warm. We make another pot of soup using the stored winter squash but crave fresh greens. Long johns? No long johns? Pull the taps on the maple trees or leave them for another week or so? Like I said, this all makes me anxious. One foot is still firmly planted in winter and the other is stretching out looking for the warm, squishy ground of spring. I like my months to be well defined, and yet, I should know by now, the month of March doesn’t play very fair. March is fickle. March is indecisive. March is wishy washy. I have no choice but to muddle through. Today we worked again in the greenhouse potting up some Hepaticas, Shortia uniflora, and Erythronium japonicum. They had been putting on too much growth in their winter storage and so we decided to pot them up. There are others of these same plants, tucked undercover and still dormant, showing no signs of growth.They will remain until the snow is gone and we uncover the nursery rows for the season.
In the meantime, I will work through my restlessness and be grateful for all the good and wonderful things that make up our days….a little of this and a little of that among the tug of seasons.

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  1. Oh, I hear you! Saturday we were able to sit out on the screen porch (it has Plexiglas over the screens) for the first time this year, and we were comfortable – even the cat came out with us. And today, went to Bangor with NO COATS, only sweaters. but spoke of the April Fools Day storm a few years ago. And hard to believe that last week it was below zero. And will be again – ? – before true spring. When to start the seeds??? 12 weeks, 8 weeks 6 weeks before last frost… but when exactly is last frost? Won’t know for sure until July. But the sun sure felt good this weekend.

    • I do love winter, I do love the slower pace, but I am ready to start planting and tending gardens, turning compost into soil,weeding rows, and potting plants. Yes, I get a little “Gung-ho”, when the sun is feeling stronger and the days longer.You are right, patience..all in good time!

  2. I’m sure you can see a mountain of chores and activities looming–and it would be so satisfying to get a start on them! Our lives here are much more relaxed and yet I still feel this sense of betwixt and between in March and April!

    • A very good time to practice patience! I do so well during the winter months, letting the days unfold as they will. But come spring and during that “in-between” time, I become itchy to get going! I am feeling a little reined in! Everyday, I do something to help me feel as though I am contributing to the next growing season. The greenhouse helps with this…now if the snow would just melt a little faster….

  3. Carry on, good gardener! Here, it dropped to 23 this past Wednesday night and tomorrow afternoon it’s supposed to be 80! Almost a 60 degree swing in just a few days…that’s crazy.

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