Class On ‘Ephemerals And Early Risers’ Here At Fernwood!

trillium erectum

We’re offering a great class this spring on some of the earliest plants to bloom in the woodland gardens. We do love these garden beauties that arrive early, but often they come and go before the nursery opens and before visitors get to enjoy them as well. Rick will be here to lead us through the gardens, identifying some of the ‘ephemerals and early risers’ and discussing site selection and soil needs. He is always happy to ‘talk plants’, so come and join us.This class was offered last spring and was a great hit, lots of information about your early woodland garden! A light lunch and tea will be provided. You can check out our Classes and More page for information and cost.

Erythronium ‘Rose Queen’

16 comments on “Class On ‘Ephemerals And Early Risers’ Here At Fernwood!

  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I’m going to share this on Facebook. Some of my Maine friends who live within driving distance might be interested.

    • Yes, that is true for sure. We propagate all of our trillium ( and all of our native and woodland plants) here on site by seed or division, depending on the specifics of the plant. We most definitely urge people not to wild dig plants…collecting seed can be o.k as long as the plants have produced ample seed that year and when collecting, one should never harvest more than 10% of the seed.We are asked this question often and are always happy to share info about the natives and woodland plants we grow.

  2. Darn, I’m going to have to miss it. We have our annual fund-raising library stash sale that day and I am a volunteer. I will be by soon after you open in May, though!

    • Thank you, Jean . I remember that you were here and I am glad to hear that it was enjoyable and informative…that’s exactly what we’re aiming for! Pass the class info on to fellow gardeners that you think may have an interest if you would. Thanks! Spring is a’comin…I think! Best to you, Denise

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