Yesterday afternoon we had some visitors, Leslie Moore and her husband arrived in our dooryard and presented us with this….
The most lovely ( wow!) linocut done by Leslie herself, this particular image inspired by one of our very own ewes standing in the barn doorway while contemplating the wintery weather…
Please check out Leslie’s website! Once I began looking at Leslie’s art work and her most beautiful linocuts, I felt even more inspired by her craft. Amazing! I especially loved her Chiaroscuro Linocut called Saving Nails. Once you’ve visited Leslie’s site, be sure to go to her blog to see a wonderful sampling of her work!
Also, if you live in the area, you can see Leslie’s work in person at Waterfall Arts upcoming show titled “Home”.
I will be looking for the perfect spot to display ” sheep in Snow“. If you have a spot on your wall that is in need of a beautiful piece of artwork…look no further and consider one of Leslie’s linocuts!

22 comments on “Gifted…

    • Beautiful work , I encourage folks to visit Leslie’s site (s) to see her work. A wonderful surprise for us here at Fernwood yesterday and I am quite certain that the ewe who was used as a model feels quite regal today!

    • Oh, Judy I am so glad you did. Leslie is a customer here but I had no idea of her talent and work. It was quite a surprise to have her come down the driveway and to present me with this beautiful piece of art!! I think I might like to purchase that rusty nail lino-cut…. I love when useful things are honored in art. The talent, and the generosity,the amazing lives people live! Good stuff, for sure! Much like you and those beautiful quilts!!

  1. Wow is right. It’s beautiful. I love linocuts and woodcuts–and this one is so personal. I checked out Leslie’s website and blog. She does wonderful work. I don’t think that I want that little chipmunk print hanging on our wall mocking us, though!

    • It has been a long winter of cold and snow, I think this ewe was contemplating a change and if braving the outdoors was really worth are trip across the field to join her flock! Leslie captured it perfectly in her lino-cut, I am still looking for the perfect place to display it!

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