Let’s Talk Dirt!

Come Learn Some Dirty Words At Fernwood Nursery
Join us at Fernwood Nursery on Sunday, May 21st, from 1:00 to 3:00 to talk about what’s in your dirt! Green sand, blood meal, and mycorrhiza are just a few of the ”dirty” words you’ll hear when we talk about soil here at Fernwood! We’ll discuss soil structure, the essential components for soil health and plant growth, and how to amend your own garden plots using organic materials that are easily sourced. Find out which animal manures do what, learn about the important minerals in your soil, and discover the benefits of green manures,. Interested in making your own potting soil? We’ll talk about this as well and…. you’ll go home with a sample bag of our own homemade potting mix (along with the recipe)!
In addition to a lively discussion about dirt, freshly baked scones and tea will be served.
Here at Fernwood, we are famous for saying “ if you want to grow good plants, grow good soil” so come join us for an informative afternoon of soil talk!
Class size is limited to 10. Please call ahead or email us to sign up. Please visit our classes and more page for more information.

9 comments on “Let’s Talk Dirt!

  1. Wish I could be there, but it’s just too far from Charlotte to get there that early. I have my own recipe which I’ve been using for years. Thankful for Greensand. Now I have to try that mycorrhisa.

    • I can’t tell you how often I wish all of us ‘garden bloggers’ could get together….have a giant potluck, tour each other’s gardens, and spend an afternoon talking plants and soil….after years of reading blogs and having ours read as well, I am acutely aware of the kindred garden folks out there! And let’s face it, being excited about manure, green sand, and soil organisms only appeals to a certain crowd!
      happy Spring!

    • Judy, could you please ask Dennis if he’d consider moving to Maine? Preferably within a few miles of Montville? There are several micro breweries in the area, good food, and of course Liberty Tool and John’s Ice cream. Then you’d be nice and handy for the classes….and tea and crafty projects in the winter!

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