Into The Fields

We just moved the sheep onto their summer pasture. The grazing will improve as the days get warmer, but the beginnings of green grass are a welcome sight for our wooly ewes. They will continue to be fed hay and grain until the fields can really sustain them, another 3 weeks or so. Tomorrow is shearing day! Off come their winter coats, their hoofs will be trimmed, and each sheep will get a dose of wormer. Always a big day here at the farm, another task that signifies the coming of spring! If you are a hand spinner looking for a luscious Blueface Leicester fleece to spin, give us a call! I am determined not to keep them all!

The nursery is shaping up….the rows are cleaned and filled with plants for the upcoming season. Some great new additions that we’re really excited about! We open on May 3rd and we are looking forward to seeing customers and talking about gardening!

We hope everyone is enjoying the arrival of warm weather and the promises of a new gardening season. Happy Day to you all!

17 comments on “Into The Fields

  1. I imagine the sheep are enjoying this glorious weather as much as we are. It must feel so good to get out to pasture. I am seriously contemplating buying a fleece from you. I will think about it today (so much to do!) and give you a call if I decide to go for it.

    • It is great fun, Judy and i am attached to each and every one of them…all 20! We took a year off from breeding this season, something I do every 4-5 years. A rest for the girls and a rest for us! I do miss having a gluttony of lambs frolicking about, but am happy to have a year off of night deliveries and maternity watch!

  2. Hey there, Happy Spring! :))) I REALLY hope our schedule allows us to stop by this year! I still have visions of those pretty blue “Hepatica nobilis” you posted a picture of last year, dancing in my head! Those Sheep look happy!!! :))))

    • Hi melody, So good to hear from you! When are you northbound? Would be great to see you…did you have a good winter? Looking forward to hearing about the art projects you worked on during the cold and snowy months! let us know when you’re coming…I have a Hepatica set aside for you!!

      • Winter is ALWAYS good! :)))) ~ We are heading up tonight (Thursday) ~ maybe I can talk my co-pilot into a jaunt over the hills to visit Friday, or Saturday (on our way back already :((( ) * Fingers crossed* :))

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