We have had springs like this before, cool and wet. The upside of this kind of weather is that the water table is being replenished and this is a blessing. Water is a blessing, yes? Another advantage to the cooler temperatures is that the blooms on the early woodland plants last longer. The chilly days are slowing the growth of many plants and this allows us to enjoy them a bit longer. We’ve had springs that rush towards summer and cause those same plants to come and go much quicker. We never want to rush things!
Visitors to the nursery wander the gardens discovering and enjoying each little delight….a newly opened trillium, a dainty anemonella, or maybe a sweet crinkled leaf primrose. I think the gardens are like an art gallery at the moment. You stroll through, stopping at each exhibit, and ponder.
Here are a few delights on exhibit at the moment….

Trillium cuneatum

Hellebore orientalis and Cardamine glandulosa

Trillium recurvatum

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    • Thank you, Judy. According to the weather radio this summer is predicted to be rather warm and with adequate rainfall. So sunshine will come, oh yes it will! We are just happy to have the streams, lakes, and wells good and full! The drought last Fall was a real wake up call.

    • Very good luck with Primula here, many of them are in bloom now. Years back we were gifted a very nice collection, some real distinct varieties, and they are all blooming and making us very happy at the moment. Soon, the gardens will be full and robust and we will look at them as a collection not so much as individuals. Happy day and gardening to you!

  1. I need some hellebores! I love those pretty blooms. Our weather is wet and gray, too, and the lake levels were scary-high for awhile. But the grass is green and things are happily growing!

    • Those hellebores are great, the earliest blooms in the garden for sure. Yes, a fury of rain at the moment but that fall drought left such a scare, we’re feeling grateful for the ample amount we are getting. Are you close to the lake….the idea of flooding is a scary scenario as well, no doubt. Let’s hope the weather finds a balance for all!

  2. Don’t float away over there. We have gone from one extreme to the other, haven’t we? I drove over past Lewiston this week and couldn’t believe how high the rivers were. Please keep me updated on your fleeces. I would like one!

    • yes, it’s very squishy ground here at the moment. more rain throughout today. Customers are still coming, i wish there was a way to remind them all to bring their rubber boots. Some come in flat shoes and I’m afraid they leave with fairly wet feet! I’ll take a look at the fleeces soon. I haven’t yet skirted them but will get at that sometime next week ( I hope). i’ll keep you posted, I think you’ll enjoy spinning a BFL fleece….quite lovely.

  3. This is not an uncommon weather pattern for May; but after a week or so, I just want it to end. It was lovely to see some sunshine today, and I managed to get a load of laundry out on the line to dry. (Who knows when the next chance will come?!) At this time of year, I keep my eyes peeled for spring wildflowers. A few days ago, as I was jogging down my dirt road, I noticed flashes of white along the side of the road — flowers of partridge berry (Mitchella repens). Hobblebush has also begun to bloom, and the volunteer pin cherry tree outside my study window began opening its flowers today.

    • So nice to see the growth of spring unfold. So true, here in Maine it does come somewhat slowly , we keep our eyes peeled searching longingly for a bloom or the unfurling of a leaf. our Hobblebush is blooming also…such a beauty! Enjoy all these moments, Jean and Happy Spring to you!

  4. Yes, cold and rainy in central Maine, too. Still have the wood furnace going many days. But, oh, everything is so bright and green.

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