On Mother’s Day

We had lots of visitors at the nursery on Mother’s Day and although it was rainy and cold, the spirit of the day, the celebration of honoring a mom, was fully present. There were smiles between the raindrops (or downpours as it was!) and despite layers of clothing and raingear visitors were willing to brave the elements and find something for their gardens.
Being a mom of two grown children, I am a blessed recipient of their Mother’s Day efforts. One is far away, so a midday call with lots of sappy ‘love you, love you, love you’ chat was offered up to melt my heart. The older of the two showed up early with gifts…an antique wine box because she knows of my infatuation with old wooden boxes and then a little set of enamel cups and saucers because she also knows I like to have a collection of metalware when we head out for an adventure or picnic. That girl! And of course, there was dinner…. grilled burgers with wild mushrooms and a caramelized onion cheddar, a pesto pasta salad, grilled corn, home-made french bread and fresh bruschetta, and a sweet selection of fancy cupcakes. So glad I spent the time in the kitchen with her as a child, it’s really paying off for me now!!
We do hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that the rain didn’t dampen the hopes and intentions of getting into the garden. 80 degrees here in Maine on Thursday I hear, the extremes of spring in the northeast! Happy day everyone!

9 comments on “On Mother’s Day

  1. It sounds like a great day, in spite of the weather! I would think you’ll be VERY busy this week–we’re all eager to get our hands in the dirt after this long, cold, wet spell. I know buying annuals is on my to-do list!

    • It was a great day, thank you, Kerry. There were a few times we dashed into the house for a dry shirt and another sweater….it was cold!! Have fun picking out annuals, they do dress things up for the summer, don’t they!

  2. So lovely when our adult children cook and pamper us. When that happens, we know we’ve done something right 😉 Sounds like a very, very lovely day.

      • We had a very nice day. Unfortunately, no kiddos around to share it with us, but the day was still good. And no cooking or dish washing? Hip hip hooray is right!

  3. I thought of you on Sunday with all that rain. I’m happy to hear that you had plenty of customers despite the downpours. I imagine that you will be deluged with people on Thursday–all panting in the heat! Crazy weather, but this sun is SO welcome. I love the little enamel cup set that your daughter bought. I always so fortunate on Mother’s Day to have two wonderful children. It sounds as if you hit the jackpot as well!

    • Happy ( belated) Mother’s day to you, Brenda.It was a fine ( wet and cold) day here at Fernwood! Warm weather this week….time to put some effort into the vegetable garden!

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