Cool But Growing

Our weather here in Maine continues to be on the cool side. I’m almost afraid to tell you that on a few occasions recently we’ve even made a little fire in the wood cookstove to stave off the chill. I’ve done this wearing, mind you, a wool sweater and wool socks. Oh, my.
The gardens are growing and caring on without a hitch. The nursery rows are continuing to be stocked with new plants. We’ve just set out a large block of Cornus canadense…..beautiful full pots! We’ll say goodbye to May, hello to June, and hope for a little sunshine.
Here are few shots from the gardens…

Cypripedium pubescens

Podyphyllum hexandrum, Peony ‘Little Gem’, Peony japonica

Mertensia virginica ‘alba’

Convallaria ” Fernwood’s Golden Slippers”
Our own introduction

15 comments on “Cool But Growing

  1. lovely garden photos! And no worries on the fire issue here – we keep turning the heat off, turning the heat on, having a fire in the pellet stove morning and evening. It beats being too hot, I guess.

    • This morning, drinking coffee…two shirts and a heavy sweater. For most of the garden this is fine, but the tomatoes that have just been put out feel a little chilled. I think they ( the outdoor bunch) are wondering why some ( tomatoes) got lucky and were planted in the hoop house. And you are right, this does beat the sweltering heat, which I really don’t enjoy.

      • lol I have not even planted a seed yet, I usually am raring to go for Memorial Day weekend, but I missed the nice day, I was visiting my brother. Sigh. This weekend is Fiber Frolic on Saturday, so I hope Sunday is not a bust. And that I finish the spinning that has been taking all my attention and keeping me from even looking at anything else, because I want it to be FINISHED. 🙂 I have seeds… and a yard… so I should be good. I decided no tomatoes this year – last year we had those nasty big hornworms, so I want to let them realize this is not a good place for them after all. I’ll frequent the farmer’s market for tomatoes this year. But I am hoping for good things on the yard transformation this year – I do baby steps usually but I have lined up a stepbrother who likes to WORK for a day at the end of the month. So maybe we will get a front garden!

  2. Utterly beautiful! We’ve gone through all our wood, and we’ve had to resort to other forms of heat. We, too, wear sweaters and socks, but at our age, we still need a little more heat 😉 Well, the heat will come, and then we’ll be complaining 😉

    • We are on occasion putting a little morning fire in the wood cookstove, leaving the big wood alone. I can’t bear to use any more of our prime firewood! Ugh! Am still thinking about your visit and how nice it was to meet you! We’ll surely stay in touch here in blog world! Enjoy the day, denise

      • Yes, yes! And who knows? Clif and I might be in your neck of the woods sometime this summer. And if you’re ever in the Augusta area and have time for a visit, please let me know.

  3. I am wearing uggs as we speak! do you have more small boxwood? I believe I bought 2 of the 3 you had when I was there a few weeks ago. would like some more. thanks,

    • Wool socks,Uggs, sweaters…we’re all in this together!! I think we do have a couple more boxwood, I’ll check for certain while in the nursery today. You can call over if you’d like and I can let you know. 207-589-4726. Stay warm, dry, and happy!denise

  4. Love your gardens and especially the golden slippers, never have seen them before. Give your Mom a hug for us as I just don’t think we will make it to Maine well at least far north as her home again.
    Cyndi and Bob

    • Rick was out potting the other day with his flannel lined jeans…geeze! Warm weather will come and our comments about the weather will change though, won’t they! Happy day to you, Judy

  5. It’s been wet and chilly here, too, but it means our growing things look lush and happy. SO, did you develop your own cultivar of lily of the valley?! Is the foliage really the bright yellow green it appears in the photo?

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