Adlumia fungosa

Adlumia fungosa

A climbing biennial and native that is covering both the arbor and moving it’s way up the check-out building at the moment. Adlumia fungosa ( also called Allegheny vine or Climbing Fumitory) is considered a threatened (or endangered) species here in Maine, as well as in the other New England states. Adlumia is fast growing, easily reaching 15 -20 feet by mid-summer and produces very light pink blossoms that resemble a bleeding heart. We have been growing it here for more than 25 years, it’s seeds are prolific and can remain in the seed bank for years, so every spring we find hundreds of Adlumia seedlings to dig and pot. I love it’s delicate and airy nature, long bloom ( June through September) and ability to cover the arbor in no time at all.
And…who doesn’t like saying, “please come down to the arbor and meet Adlumia fungosa”? Sounds like some exotic and mysterious character in a romance novel, yes?

13 comments on “Adlumia fungosa

  1. Hi Denise and Rick/ i still have this plant that i bought from you many years ago when Rick was at his first nursery. i love it! it comes up all over the place. 4 of us are coming up this month with Sylvia. can’t wait to see what you’ve got. Rene DeCesare >

    • Hello Rene,
      So glad to hear this! As I mentioned Adlumia is threatened here in Maine and in other states, perhaps it will recover if gardeners like your self grow it. It’s hard to find a natural population of Adlumia in the north east. A wonderful plants, so let’s hope it recovers!

    • We love this plant and hope that it recovers from its ‘threatened ‘ status. The seeds are very hard and round and simply drop on the ground, not much chance for ‘wind-blown’ seed dispersal. It is a lovely woodland (edge or open woodland) plant for sure!

  2. Is Adlumia found in New Jersey? I’ve never heard of it nor seen it. Thanks for the terrific photos.
    Styra Avins

    • Hello Styra, Rick is uncertain about finding it in New Jersey, though it’s range according to the USDA is from Tennessee north and west to Minnesota. Because it is threatened or endangered in so many states we’re not sure if it is found ( naturally) in your area. Good to hear from you, Styra…hope you are having a good summer!

  3. This one is new to me. Although the foliage looks familiar, I don’t think I’ve ever seen those flowers. And I love the name, fumitory sounds like a cigar-smoking dormitory. I’m almost afraid to visit the nursery for fear that I’ll be taking home far too many new plants!

    • Hi Brenda, it is a lovely plant and a great name! I hope you come…no need to by plants, just a visit would be great!! Can you believe we are already into mid (almost) July??

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