Fairy House Building class!!

Our fairy house building class was such a success last season we are offering it again this summer! Join us here at Fernwood Nursery for a two-part pottery class building miniature homes for your resident garden gnomes or fairies. During the first session, participants will design and construct their fairy homes using clay. Add a window box, tile your roof, or attach shutters, be creative! Once your houses are dry, we will fire them and bring them back to be glazed during the second session. After the glaze firing your pieces will be ready for installation! We will be using slab building and pinching techniques to make miniature shelters, perfect for any ‘little folks’ who may be wandering your woodland or gardens. Along with guidance on how to build and design out of clay, Denise will discuss how to best design around your new piece of mini real estate. Materials and supplies are included…plus, as with most all classes here at Fernwood, tea and scones will be served!
Saturday, July 29th, and Saturday, August 12th, 1:00 to 3:00.

If you’d like to join us, email at fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net or call (207) 589-4726
You can check out our ‘classes and more’ page for details

8 comments on “Fairy House Building class!!

  1. Oh, how I would love to make one for my garden. So unique and special! What a brilliant course to offer and your photo of the house on the moss is perfect. Such possibility!!

    • Some classes in the garden just need to be about fun! How are things over there? We have a WWOOf volunteer from Maine at the moment ( from Texas!), a lovely girl, a friend and I taught her to make beet kvass yesterday. Fermenting always makes me think of you! Really hope to get over and see you in November. Hope all is well and best to everyone!!

      • Things are great here. The garden is mad about the weather and flourishing abundance is all around us. The processing begins here also, fermenting, freezing, and drying! The visiting family in my last post made me thing seriously about the benefits of WWOOfers. Maybe someday. What a thrill it must be for your woofer to be experiencing and learning all you have to offer! Lucky girl.
        It would be brilliant for you to visit Aran again in November. A quiet and quite beautiful time of year to visit.
        Cheers, Melissa Xx

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