My Amazing Friend, Mike Robertson

I first met my friend Mike Robertson at the Game Loft in Belfast. Mike is the Game Loft’s operations director and he had hired me a few years ago to do some cooking for their after school program ( a job I loved!). Mike is truly an amazing person. Aside from being excellent at his job at the Game Loft, he is curious, adventurous, and he is the kind of guy that likes to follow his dreams. What dreams, you ask? Check out Mike’s story here as he peddles across the country. I am truly honored to know Mike, to call him a friend, and to have the privilege and pleasure to follow him on his epic journey. You should follow along as well…’re about to see the country through the vision of someone incredible!

9 comments on “My Amazing Friend, Mike Robertson

  1. Thank you so much Denise for sharing Mike’s amazing journey. Both of us think you’re absolutely wonderful and we’re so very appreciative of your thoughtfulness in including him in your blog. We plan to catch up with you as soon as he returns!

    • Hello Gwen,
      Rick and I here at Fernwood think both you and Mike are top notch as well! Let’s surely get together when Mike gets back from his trip…..lots to catch on! Thanks for the comment, Gwen…..all the best to you!! Denise

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