Blue Days

Nothing to cry about, quite the contrary! This lace-cap hydrangea serrata is attracting lots of visitors, both humans and pollinators. So happy that our buzzing friends (the buzzing insects, not the humans) are finding nourishment throughout the gardens.
And, it’s blueberry season here in Maine! I’ve picked up a carload of blueberries from my friend’s farm in Washington. Ten 10 lb. boxes of blueberries for here and for friends. Of course, we will freeze most of them, but a couple of fresh pies will be made and some blueberry ice cream cranked out. Like I said, nothing to cry about!!! Yum! Summer at its best!

13 comments on “Blue Days

  1. I don’t like blueberries (or lobster, how did I wind up in Maine? POTATOES of course!)but I do love the color of those berries. Nothing as pretty as a field of blue and green that later turns to scarlet, right?

    • Don’t go through the winter without some bags of blueberries in the freezer! Of course there is always that long list of what to do with fresh berries….from blueberry muffins and pie to a tall stack of blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Lots and lots of yummy possibilities!

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