Peach Season

Peaches are in season. Not the final fruit to be harvested, eaten and preserved, we still have apples and pears to look forward to. But doesn’t a fresh peach pie along side some home-made ice cream (ginger ice cream, maybe? Yes!) seem just about the most decadent thing you can devour at summer’s end?
Here’s a poem by Kate Barnes about peaches…and a reminder that what we think we know may not always be true. Enjoy!

by Kate Barnes

Jenny, because you are twenty-three
(and my daughter),
you think you know everything;
and because I am fifty-three
(and your mother),
I think I know everything.
A week ago you picked up two green little peaches,
only half-grown and still hard,
from under the loaded peach tree
and put them on the kitchen window sill;
and I thought
(though I didn’t say a word):
they’re too small, they will just rot
but I won’t move them, Jenny put them there.
Now the summer is over and you are gone,
the mornings are cool, squashes conquer the garden,
the tree swallows have flown away, crickets sing—
and the sweet juice of your peaches runs down my chin.

17 comments on “Peach Season

  1. A really charming poem, and a sweet reminder of the pleasure of having children who actually sometimes really do know more than we do.

    • Love Kate Barnes , she passed away a few years ago but was Maine’s poet laureate. This poem in particular reminds me of that relationship mother and daughters have..”who knows best” we probably all experience!

  2. What a fine poet she was! And never, never did I think I’d live to see the day when there were peach orchards in Maine. (Individual trees, yes. Orchards, no.) Alas, there are no peach orchards close to us. The nearest is an hour away. Enjoy those peaches!

    • Had you read Kate Barnes before? Did you know she was once our Maine poet laureate? Also, the daughter of Henry Beston and Elizabeth Coatsworth. She is one of my favorite poets…and was quite a horse women in her day!

  3. Wish I had planted a peach tree when I started my gardens. I did get some from a friend this year and made some peach icecream. YUM

    • ooh, peach ice cream, yum, yum! Aside from raspberries, I think peaches are at the top of the list of fruits we really look forward to. Glad to have a shelf of them in the pantry for winter eating!

    • Lovely poem, yes. No, Kate Barnes lived in Maine and was once our poet laureate. She passed away a few years ago, though lived not far from us ( Appleton Ridge). I have always loved her work. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Coatsworth and Henry Beston. Thanks so much for visiting the nursery this season and coming to the fern class…it was very nice meeting you. Hope to see you next season!!!

  4. J & D > So you have to pick your own-grown peaches, huh? Nice work, if you can get it. Nicer eating. Nice – period. But to be able to grow peaches, AND apples and pears, well, it’s a nice climate you have there. Nice indeed!

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