These Days

Soon, I am off to Ireland to help my friend Sally with some farm projects. We have some ‘irons in the fire’ with regards to Herdwick sheep , in addition to collecting more oral histories. I’ll be writing about this later and more than likely from ‘that side of the pond’, as they say.
In the meantime, here are a few things happening at Fernwood as we ready ourselves for the colder months ahead….
Some of the potted begonias have been brought in with hopes that I don’t kill them over the winter ( can you believe that someone who co-owns a nursery can kill a houseplant in no time at all!).
The Ray’s Calais corn has been brought in from the garden, shucked, and is now in the greenhouse for further drying. Those jewels of kernels, beautiful, yes?
The winter squash has a couple more weeks of curing and then we’ll haul them in for storage
The carmal colored Adzuki beans are now on the top of the threshing list.
Swiss chard continues to thrive and wave like a row of rainbow flags in the garden.
Playing around a bit with shorn ( uncleaned) fleeces and felting them to processed roving, the result being a ‘sheepskin without the hide’.
And, the knitting continues…

19 comments on “These Days

  1. Is that an agave with the begonias? I love succulents. I make succulent arrangements that I sell at local craft fairs. Have a great day.

    • The plant in between the begonias is a cactus of some sort. it was given to me a few years back…very hardy, hence why it survives being in doors with me through the winter!! We do grow plenty of succulents here at the nursery, but only zone 4 hardy varieties, no need to bring them in for he winter. Thank you for reading the blog and happy Fall to you!

    • Going to Ireland is certainly a bonus after a long season, I look forward to seeing old friends there and working on projects with Sally. Then, once home, I need to start looking for the bottom of these freezers!! Best to you, Judy!!

  2. I love to see all of your garden goodness. Our chard also is having a happy second life and we are even getting new dill coming up! Your fleece is making me drool. Gorgeous. Have a wonderful time in Ireland. I can’t wait to hear about it. And I’m looking forward to getting together when you return.

    • Just as your blog declares …hands at home. Now, I’m ready to set sail and spend a bit of time ( all of November) in another place that feels like home….Ireland. Then back to hopefully a pile of snow, the wood stove cranking, and long days in the studio catching up on fiber things! Happy days to you, Kerry. ( Still wish you were close enough for quilt council!)

  3. Enjoy your pictures and comments, keep up all your nursery and knitting work. Your yarn is beautiful. Love to hear about it. Have a good trip to Ireland helping Sally. Looking forward to remarks and pictures from “across the pond.” Cyndi

    • Thank you Cyndi and Bob….I’ll surely be posting from Ireland, I appreciate you following the blog and glad you like the ‘ tales and events’ here at Fernwood. Enjoy this glorious weather and happy autumn to you both!

  4. Wonderful photos. The food looks so beautiful! Good luck with the begonias. Looking forward to reading about your adventures across the pond.

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