And….Off I Go

Off I go to Ireland, to walk that beautiful landscape, to visit with friends and farmers, to help Sally with all her projects ( sheep, farm dinners, classes, and house renovations), to enjoy the mist and truly the most emerald green pastures, to drive those narrow curvy roads that lead you up and around and down windy bends, to visit those butcher shops that I love, and to settle into the now familiar and delightful routine that will greet me as I step off the plane. Home is home. Maine is home. I’ll be back soon enough ( December). Isn’t it nice though to find a place that feels almost as good as home? I’ll write when I land, I’ll post pictures, I’ll keep my friends abreast. Til then…..

20 comments on “And….Off I Go

  1. If you happen to be in County Cork and find yourself near Macroom, do stop and buy the best porridge oats imaginable. They are REALLY stone ground and I don’t know what it is about them, but I had them every morning when I was in Ireland way too long ago. I still remember them as the standard against which all other oatmeal suffers. Have a great time.

    • I will be in Cork for a spell but mostly here in County Kerry ( Glenbeigh and Kilorglin) but will eat my share of porridge for sure!!! There is a nice little organic food store not too far away where we get oats….I’ll try and conduct an oat tasting test and let you know! fine memories !

  2. My first trip abroad was to Ireland. It remains my favorite place. Wish I had a chance to “live like the locals,” too. Enjoy. I look forward to visiting Fernwood next spring. Sue Gay

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