A Few Things….

In Ireland….wear boots, always. Understand that when the sun shines, regardless of the time of day, it should be coveted and celebrated. It also reveals a brilliance that I’m not sure is experienced any where else in the world. The view is long, unlike home where the trees break up the scope of things, you can see long distances and this will make you want to put on your walking shoes (boots, remember) and start covering some ground.

Sally’s latest addition to the farm…Herdwick sheep

Around every bend there will be donkeys, and a sea of sheep, and fields and fields of grazing cattle. Horse fair are held in the middle of town and they are meant for trading. The grass, even in November when Maine farms are already tossing out hay to their critters, is green, green, green… but soggy, so as I mentioned before, you’ll want boots. The wind blows sideways ( I kinda like that) and the rain just shows up anytime it has a hankering to do so. A good rain jacket to go along with your boots is a good thing. The air smells smokey and peaty and moist. Quite nice and earthy. Learn to like tea, learn to love tea. And scones, with butter or jam, and definitely eat lots and lots of local yogurt, because that green green grass helps to grow great cows, which produces rich and tasty milk, which can be made into sweet and tangy yogurt. And butter. And cheese. And who wouldn’t travel far and wide for delicious cheese and butter?
Well,that’s really all for now….more to come, I’m sure.

Sally and her trusty companion, Frazier, laying in the green, green grass

18 comments on “A Few Things….

  1. Oh my, this post is like a good dose of warm sunshine. I love it all – green grass, donkeys, horses, dogs, and those handsome herdwick sheep. And, what a beautiful photo in front of the stone walls – just like home. Tell Sally thanks for letting you share your combined adventures. šŸ™‚

  2. Yes, it’s as though you gave us a slice of Ireland. As for tea…it is my go-to drink. (Can’t stand the taste of coffee.) And butter and cheese? Yes, please!

  3. wonderful post! And just so you know what’s happening at home, I noticed today that the grass out the back window is GREEN! Greener than it has been in months. No frost and rain is good for green. Of course that ends this weekend, I guess.

    • Rick has kept me informed with the weather and such back home and he too said the grass is quite green. This makes me happy because it means a longer grazing season for the sheep….and less hay fed out! Yipee!

      • yippee is right! I am sure the sheep are thrilled with the good food as well, less time on hay before spring gets here. I hope. šŸ™‚ I have to say I don’t like when we get all our rain in the spring and fall, I kind of like getting some in the summer too.

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