Today we’ll slow things down a bit. No racing about, no running for things in town. We’ll spend some time at the farm, visit with the donkeys, we’ll layout the picnic basket. As often as I can, I walk a loop with Sally’s dog, Frazier. He and I travel the narrow and windy roads away from the farm, passing the neighboring fields of cows and sheep, just to admire and take in the incredible beauty of Ireland.

An afternoon tea with “Teddy”….try and tell me that Teddy is not adorable!

The word ‘profound’ always comes to mind when I am asked to describe the landscape here. It is a landscape that seeps into your soul….it feels grand, it feels bigger than life. An arrangement of green and rock, mountains and expansive field, that is close to God.

Today,I am thinking this….
“Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year”.

Also, I’ll re-post this poem by Paul Corrigan( which I love). It always reminds me of how fleeting life can be…even with the things we savor. Then there are the uncertainties and unfortunate moments that fall on all of us, and we repeat the proverb “this, too, shall pass”.
Stay in the moment. Pay attention. Don’t wish a moment away.
Have a good day everyone.

He, To His Wife

Sit with me here on the landing
and watch how the moon hangs
like some pale, winter fruit
in the branches of our crabapple tree.
I noticed it last night, but you
had gone to bed. And since last night
the moon has ripened and is full
and looks ready to plummet off the tree
and drop below the horizon.
Sit down here beside me.
It’s not something we’ll see
every month. The leaves will hide it,
or the clouds. One of us will be away,
or we’ll both be asleep and it will rise
and hang in the branches without us.
How odd not to have seen it before now;
to have lived in this house a year
and not had a cloudless night when the leaves
were down and the moon was waxing.
How soon will it be before clear weather
again reveals it in its brightest phase
hanging in those bare limbs?
We ought to watch the skies more faithfully
and try to be here on the stairs
to catch the next rare conjunction
of the moon in our tree
Come sit with me in the dark for awhile.

by Paul Corrigan

10 comments on “Sunday

  1. Your poem really resonates with me right now–so much has changed in my world in the past few months, and I wish I had appreciated what I had when I had it! Or maybe I did appreciate it . . . and miss it all the more because of that. As you say, this, too, shall pass. It all passes, the good and the ill. I agree that Ireland has a look and feel like no other place–your photos really capture that.

    • I try and not linger on doubts and comfort myself knowing i do the best I can to savor and appreciate what’s in front o f me, part of my day. Just from our conversations through the blog, i know you are a caring and sensitive creature and should have no worry about not appreciating. Funny, though, how we always wonder…was it enough? Please don’t dwell, I don’t think that is ever good for us. A new day, a new look, a new opportunity to savor…always. My very best to you, Kerry. Always so glad for your voice in the world. denise

  2. I am so enjoying this vicarious trip to Ireland. As with Kerry, the poem likewise resonates with me right now, having spent much of the past year dealing with family members who are ill or aged and crippled with dementia. Nothing stays the same.

  3. I don’t comment often enough on other’s blogs (shame on me) I love your meanderings especially your recent writing of your stay in Ireland. Your soft days in Kerry are lovely to read about. xx

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