Fiber Of Maine And The Heavenly Socks Yarn Shop

My friend Helen Sahadi owns a beautiful yarn shop in Belfast, Maine called Heavenly Socks Yarn. Helen is a lifelong knitter and is passionate about fiber but also about community. Her shop is chock full of the most delicious yarn. Not just eye candy, but lovely squishy yarn that you can take home and make something wonderful out of! It’s the middle of winter, the best time to grab your needles, find a pattern (loads and loads of great patterns at Heavenly Socks Yarn store!!) and start knitting! Take a field trip to Belfast, Maine and visit Helen’s shop…it’s the best!
Helen’s latest addition to her shop is an on-line store where she features Maine yarn from Maine farms. And, guess who’s being featured this month ( February, actually)…us here at Fernwood. You can check us out and Helens great shop and work here:

12 comments on “Fiber Of Maine And The Heavenly Socks Yarn Shop

    • I was in Belfast, Ireland this Fall…i traveled up there from the farm in County Kerry. I really enjoyed Belfast, it was just before Christmas , so all the Christmas markets were happening. Delightful! If you’re ever in the states ( Maine), I’ll take you to our own Belfast…we’ll ride our bikes there!

    • Thank you, Judy! And, on to Helen’s shop as well…plus, of course, Liberty Tool Company, and Liberty graphics, and David Jacobson Glass Blowing, and Threshers ( the pub)!!! All worth the trip To waldo County!

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