“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.”
—Josephine Nuese

Words of truth, I’d say! We begin winter here thinking about the long, silent months ahead. The deep snow and the frigid temperatures which will turn us indoors for more reading and knitting and fire-warmth. We drop our shoulders, breath deep, and feel thankful for the slow pace of winter. We’re some of the few who are not in a hurry to move these cold months along…the sun and the warmth will come back to us, all in good time. But we can feel the stirrings now, the seed catalogs spread across the table, the lists of new plants for the nursery ( some dandy primula!), the urge to ‘hoe’ out the greenhouse and fire up the stove that heats it. Oh, truth be told, our minds are never completely void of gardening and plants and soil. Notebooks are filled with lists and ideas for a new season of promise. Are you thinking about spring? Does a bit more winter trouble you? Are your veggie seeds ordered? Any new garden plans? Let’s hear!

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  1. I have more seeds in hand than I have space to plant them. Hours each week are spent making “to do” lists that include plants that I want from various sources. My list for Fernwood includes a few more boxwood and several more thalictrium rache bruianums because the one I put in last year was such a Star- a combo of.graceful form and vibrant color. One of the things I’m REALLY looking forward to is the CMBG symposium with some major speakers including you all. I can’t wait!

  2. I’m going to order organic vegetable seedlings this year because I won’t be home to plant seeds. But, yesterday I was in a local box store and saw pots of Johnny Jump Ups. So, there is one sitting on the condo balcony where I can see those happy faces as I watch the waves comes crashing in. 🙂 Stay warm this weekend. I had to wear a heavy winter coat, scarf, hat, and gloves to walk the beach today.

  3. Just bought herb seeds and new pots! Awaiting a delivery of compost. January and February are all about hope. “This year I promise to keep up with the weeds! This year I’ll be better about pinching back my mums AND my tomatoes.”

  4. Been thinking about spring – who doesn’t with the weather this week? But no plans yet. And no catalogs! I need to order some. Meanwhile I sit by the fire and knit and spin. It has its good points.

  5. I love, love, love winter and am in no hurry for it to move along. Part of winter’s allure are the hours spent leisurely contemplating spring and summer plans. My seeds are already here, and I’m mulling garden layouts and companion plantings.

  6. Did I just read “plenty of Primula”?? Huzzah! Now I am definitely coming by for a visit later this year!
    Plants are getting ordered as well as seeds from the society exchanges and seed sowing will begin very soon. I am going to put the trays of seed pots straight outside this year, bypassing the grow lights indoors until later in the winter.
    There is lots of knitting going on here with walks in the snow…..all in all a wonderful winter in the Vermont woods.

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