Strapping On The Snowshoes

Trying to experience and enjoy as much winter as possible here in Maine. My brother and I made a trip over to his land in Rangley (the western part of the state) to do some hiking. It was a beautiful day, fairly warm and the sun was out. My brother, Dan, has always been an outdoor enthusiast. He puts great effort into hitting the trails here in the northeast. I’m always amazed at how much ground he covers. We don’t get enough time together, so it was lovely to spend a day catching up on the ride over and then doing something together that we both love…being in the woods! Plus, he bought me lunch!
Since then we’ve had another snow storm, about 1ft here in our area of Waldo County. A little more time for snowshoeing or strapping on the x-country skis before spring develops.
We are working on a number of classes for this season. Some are posted already, others are in the making. Are there any classes you’d like to see us offer here at Fernwood? Certain topics? We’re glad to hear suggestions. Offering classes at the nursery has been a really fun and rewarding addition for both Rick and I. Not only can we share some insight into our gardening or lifestyle choices here at the nursery, but it also gives us an opportunity to get to know our visitors. Consider taking a class here at Fernwood, come enjoy a selection of homemade scones and tea, and mingle with some fellow gardeners!

13 comments on “Strapping On The Snowshoes

  1. There’s nothing like making the most of Maine’s winter weather by enjoying nature in the snowy woods. I miss cross-country skiing very much. Sounds like a beautiful day for you two. Still wish I was close enough to take a class or two from you!

    • I still remember that visit to your home on the Aran island and with such fondness. I know you are happy in Ireland and with your wonderful family and all that you do there, but boy did Maine lose a good one when you left our shores. I’m sure we’d be chatting up a storm on a more regular basis if you lived back here in the pine tree state…and we’d all teach classes together ( my family, your family!)!

  2. Hi gal, If I still lived in Maine I’d be at all your classes 🙂 I’m glad you got to spend time with your brother. I LOVE the woods too, always have, always will. The woods are lovely dark and deep and if a stranger should I meet what a secret would I keep 🙂 I love the poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. I think of our wagon ride with Elman in the part when the horse gives his harness bells a shake. I also always think of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs when we’ve had a good snowfall… The video version is on youtube, I think you’d enjoy it, anyone who’s a kid at heart would… Who can’t relate to that tingly feeling we get from a big snowstorm and how it stirs the imagination. We’ve only had ”one” snowstorm out here so far this winter ! no rain either ! Most people don’t seem too concerned but I think we’ll have consequences this summer.

  3. I love snowshoeing and we haven’t been out once this winter. Don needs ankle surgery and it’s not nearly as much fun to go alone . . . Glad to hear you had such a fine day!

    • Certainly do not want to make an ankle worse just before surgery! My best to Don when he has the procedure done and speedy recovery! It’s been a great snow year for both x- country skiing and snowshoeing, except most recently with the ice. I’ll miss these activities once spring arrives. I’ll be glad for bare earth and a new season of planting and growth, but I tend to get into the woods a bit more in winter when our schedules are relaxed.

    • I think we’re in for a few more storms here in the northeast, still some winter before spring. Just had another 1ft and then another 6 inches in the last week. The bare ground is down there somewhere!

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