March Storm

Despite the latest snowstorm, we are setting up for our spring seed starting. The greenhouse will see some action in the next week or so. It’s always a delight to be working in the greenhouse as the weather goes from one season to the next. That big plastic heated space of green growth and soil smells…pure delight! Inside the house, a small area is created for starting the earliest of vegetable seedlings: tomatoes, leeks, peppers, onions, and assortments of annual and perennial flowers. This little growing area inside means rearranging some furniture, moving the couch away from the big windows that face due south, and installing a temporary growing bench. Seeds will be sown, they’ll germinate, get some growth on them, and then be transferred to the big greenhouse. Starting seeds indoors keeps us from firing up the big heater in the greenhouse this early in the year. But, by the end of March, we’ll run out of space in the front room and will need the expanse of the greenhouse benches. At that point, our house will go back to a comfortable living space! We do love having that earthy soil smell wafting through the rooms though!
Outside, it is far too soon to uncover the nursery beds. The snow will have to melt and the ground will have to thaw before we are ready for the task of uncovering. We are always excited about the upcoming season and to unveil all the plants we have propagated and over-wintered. Fun, fun!
So, right now we’re a bit between seasons. A little mud season, a little more winter. A warm spring-like day, then a real chill in the air. A chance to let the fires die down, then a roaring blaze to warm cold hands and cold feet. Back and forth we go here in the northeast, yes? Where do you hail from? Has spring really arrived in your neck of the woods or are you still waiting?

20 comments on “March Storm

  1. Wintering in Vermont is much like your climate in Maine. I am eager to get back to my lakefront cottage in Rome, ME and planning a visit to your wonderful place soon afterward. Sue

    • Yes, Vermont very much in the same boat! Beautiful over in Rome, Maine, love the lake and the little downtown area of Belgrade. We here another storm on Tuesday, oh my! Thank you for the note and we’ll see you in the spring…yeah, spring!

  2. Back and forth is right. March is a whipsaw of a month. On March 1, it was 50 degrees, most of the snow was gone, and we were eating ice cream at Fielder’s Choice. Today, a foot of snow covers the ground. March marches on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi Denise, In total we’ve had 3-4 snow storms this winter in the Salt lake valley where I live and each had melted away by the time the next storm came along.
    The last of it has melted again but the beautiful Wasatch mountains are still covered in white so we might have water this summer after all ๐Ÿ™‚ My challenge is keeping Mieshka ( Our Siberian/malamute) out of my flower garden. The vinca ground cover makes a soft bed and now I have daffodils,poppies etc starting to come up!

  4. Since I am only an hour away from you, I am experiencing the same thing! Wondering when to start seedlings… and by chance will you have any hollyhocks for sale this year?

      • I live in Hancock County now, but used to live in Washington. The weather sure can be different there than anywhere else!

        I saw that forecast – another big storm – ugh! At least it insulates the plants, and waters them.

  5. Like you, we are weathering the winter/spring tease. 8″ this morning, though we are grateful it wasn’t worse as some. Looking forward to the earthy smells of thawing ground!

    • love when the ground thaws, love the smell of the earth waking up! Although, we made the best of it and went for a long snowshoe up on the ridge. We jumped 10 deer and had a Barred owl swoop through the trees in front of us. Not a bad storm day! Lovely!

    • 18 inches is a good drop, for sure! Another storm coming on Tuesday…a bit more waiting for that lovely time called spring! At least the water table should be good and high, right?!

  6. Upstate New York sounds a lot like Maine right now–it’s getting a bit tedious! But the days are definitely getting longer and I choose to believe that spring weather will come soon!

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