Join Us For a Brew And A Film At Threshers!

On Saturday, April 7th at 7:00p.m. we will be gathering over at Thresher’s Brewery in Searsmont, Maine for the showing of SEED, The Untold Story. First, let me tell you a little about Threshers Brewery. Threshers, owned and operated by Ethan Evangelos and Scott Bendson, opened its doors in 2016 at the old Sprowl building in Searsmont, Maine.You can read about Ethan and Scott’s story here! For us, it has been a welcomed addition to the community. Here’s why… It’s close by. They have a variety of excellent well-crafted beer (really, these boys know what they’re doing!). The atmosphere is welcoming, easy-going, and friendly. And, they are very community minded. We have been to several benefits and events at Threshers that have helped worthy organizations. In two short years, they have opened their doors many, many times to host events that directly help the community at large. Bravo to Ethan and Scott and their families for being so involved! We appreciate it. We need venues that encourage gathering, socializing with neighbors and friends, and who offer their space for community functions.

We never know who we’ll meet at Threshers, it could be an old time friend in the local community or a traveler who’s heard about their great beer and great events and mosied up to check it out. Always interesting and great conversation, that’s for sure!
We had been talking with Ethan over the last year about showing the film, SEED The Untold Story at the brewery. It’s a film anyone who grows food…anyone who EATS food should watch. When it was first produced ( two years ago?), we here at Fernwood made concerted efforts to promote it and it’s message. We had been contacted by their staff, given a synopsis of the film, and were asked to do our best to get the word out. SEED is an amazing film, beautiful cinematography and it will surely open your eyes to what’s happening with our seed diversity and its impact on our food supply.. It is truly one of our favorite films and we cannot say enough about the effort that has been put into the making of it. Please join us at Thresher’s Brewery (you won’t be disappointed!) and enjoy a free film. By the way, I recommend trying the ‘Ponderosa’ beer (my favorite) at Threshers! See you there! For more information please visit the Threshers Brewery facebook page here.

8 comments on “Join Us For a Brew And A Film At Threshers!

  1. Wow that sounds like it is going to be an amazing evening Denise! I am over in the States for 6 nights from April 4th. Shame I won’t be nearer as I would love to have gone. I have 3 nights in New York, 2 nights in Augusta and one night in Atlanta. Was doing a bit of work at the farm for Sally last week. The Cottage is lovely and the farm is shaping up nicely too.
    Talk later,

    • Oh too bad Gearoid, we’d love to have shared our community with you and to bring you all to Threshers. they’re a great micr-brewery and they really are crafted great beer. Tell you what, when I come over in the Fall , I’ll bring the film and we can have a viewing of it up at the farm. maybe you can promote it a bit before hand. Yes? Of course, we’ll have to serve beer ( maybe popcorn, too!). Are you in Augusta, Georgia or Augusta, Maine? Can’t wait to get back to the farm. Lots of work here with the upcoming season but always look forward to my time in Ireland!

  2. I hope your local readers will make this effort–it sounds like a nice evening! We have a couple local breweries that are adding a lot to the local community, too.

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