Please Excuse The Rush

Do you ever look at your blog posts or lack of and panic? I do. I calculate the time between posts and think “oh my, I’m letting you all down”. I’ve lost touch. Nothing to say. No time to write. Here I go, rushing out the door again! Then, all of a sudden, I come to my senses and realize who I’m dealing with. Friendly people. Gardeners. Farmers. Storytellers. Crafters. Writers. What am I worried about? Silly me. It does make sense that during this last push to have the nursery ready for opening day ( May 3rd!!), I’d more likely be out in the greenhouse potting plants or tidying the nursery rows after a fierce winter than be sitting at the computer crafting words. You understand, don’t you?
Well, how about a sincere howdy to you all and a quick photo of a plant we propagate at the nursery and one that shares a fickle nature with our Maine springtime. It’s in bloom now, a slow-growing fella, and one that is persnickety in the way of propagation. Helleborus thibetanus hails from China and is unlike most other Hellebores because it holds its flowers above the foliage and face outward, once they are fully developed. It’s the earliest to bloom here at Fernwood (Helleborus niger being the next one to bloom). The flowers are generally bell-shaped with pointed petals, white at first then transitioning to a rosy pink to green as the flowers age. We’ve propagated this plant with relative success, though the numbers we have for sale are limited. A lovely rarity that we continue to work with.

Well, excuse me as I rush out the door once again. The sheep are awaiting breakfast, the greenhouse benches need clearing to accommodate more plants, and there are still a few rows to uncover in the nursery ( the snow just now melting!). May 3rd, our opening day, is really just around the corner, isn’t it? Oh, my! See you soon!

25 comments on “Please Excuse The Rush

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. This is a busy time. I understand. Am preparing for 2 craft fairs in May. Have a good week.

  2. I SO understand your struggle with all this! When I get busy, writing a decent, meaningful post seems overwhelming–they take a long time to write and then you need corresponding photos, etc., etc. You need to keep remembering that we are here for you when you can back to us, supporting you all the way! And, truly, I would be satisfied seeing a pretty photo of some baby plants, if you even have time for that!

    • Thank you, Kerry. Funny how quickly we can make an activity we love into a stress if we let it. I find that I have to talk myself off a cliff from time to time, so thank you for reminding me to be gentle about such things.I appreciate it. And, yes , a photo, a recipe, a poem, can take the pressure away from having to come up with a topic. i’ll surely keep that in mind!

  3. Denise, Dave and I had a wonderful time learning about Blue birds. Jeff was great. Hopefully we will get some Bluebirds this year. Your property is just perfect with all your little buildings. We plan to come back later to get some of your plants. The tea and the scones made the day. Thanks again. Judy Bond. Friend of Joy’s

    • Hi judy,
      So glad you made it for this class! yes, we thought Jeff did a beautiful job with his presentation and offered great information. Sorry it was so cramped ( cozy?) in the studio, but everyone did seem to enjoy it! best to you, Judy and thank you also for work you’ve done with Joy and that wonderful organization, The Game Loft!

  4. After finally having a warmish day or two to rake and mulch and look for our shade garden finds from Fernwood starting to peek out of the ground, I realized it must be opening day soon. Reading your post and seeing Hellebores in bloom made us smile. Meika has fingers crossed that last year’s lady’s-slipper made it through this strange winter because she is very much looking forward to coming to find another to enjoy. We will see you and Rick soon…and Lucky if he isn’t hanging out in the car. 🙂

    • So great to hear from you guys!! Yes, let’s hope all the precious lady slippers that grace everyone’s gardens are happy to make their appearance once again! Hope you both had a restful winter and we always enjoy your visit…and gardening enthusiasm!! Lucky loves the spring days that are actually warm, if too chilly he’s in the car or basking in the heat of the hoop house! Best to Meika!

  5. Hello, Rick! I’m wondering if there is still space at your workshop on spring ephemerals on Sunday. If so, I would like to attend. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank-you… Dottie Hokkanen

    On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 6:34 AM, Fernwood Nursery & Gardens wrote:

    > fernwoodnursery posted: “Do you ever look at your blog posts or lack of > and panic? I do. I calculate the time between posts and think “oh my, I’m > letting you all down”. I’ve lost touch. Nothing to say. No time to write. > Here I go, rushing out the door again! Then, all of a sudden” >

    • Hello Dottie,
      Yes, we still have openings for Sunday’s ephemeral class (April 29th 10:00- 12:00) and we would be happy to put you on the list to attend. Since the class is this weekend, we will not require pre-payment by mail and will simply save a spot for you. Thank you and see you then! Perhaps send along your email and we can you send any additional information. thanks again, Denise and Rick.

    • Hello Dottie,
      We are needing to cancel the class tomorrow, Sunday, April 29th. We did not fill the class but hope to offer something comparable later in the season. Happy gardening and hope to see you this season,

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