Slowly But Surely!

Hepatica nobilis

As we walk the gardens the woodland plants are beginning to emerge. Joy! We still have some openings in the Ephemeral and Early Risers Class if you’d like to join us. Today, they are predicting weather into the 60’s! Double joy!! Here are some details about the class, visit our classes and more page to find out more. Happy day, everyone!

On Sunday, April 29th, 2018 from 10:00a.m. to noon Rick Sawyer of Fernwood Nursery will give a presentation on ‘Ephemerals and Early Risers’. The talk will focus on those plants which are first to emerge in spring within the woodland garden. Come join us for a walk and talk as we identify and enjoy the earliest of plants to bloom and learn how to incorporate them into your own landscape.
The program will take place in the gardens and studio of Fernwood Nursery from 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon.Space is limited so please pre-register. Also, dress for the weather…it’s spring and could be showery. Tea and a light lunch will be served. Sign up by phone or email. Happy Spring! (207)589-4726 or email us at

10 comments on “Slowly But Surely!

  1. Finally…Michigan last week snow and sleet, today cut the grass! Beautiful pic…only seeing wild violets and a few daffodils here. Rabbits love my spring shoots, so no tulips. Have a great and successful year.

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous…. Hey I need your advice, I bought some potted daffodils to enjoy for Easter and now I’m wondering if I need to wait until Fall to plant the bulbs or if I can do it now ?

    • Did they already bloom? Ordinarily Fall is the best time , but seeing that they are in a pot I would go ahead and plant them. Don’t remove the green foliage, the bulbs will need it to feed themselves.

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