Are We There Yet? High Summer, I mean.

And how did we arrive so soon? It is high summer, isn’t it? The first cut of hay is in. The squash and tomatoes and green beans are asserting their jungle personalities. We may still get one more decent harvest of peas before the heat does them in. Swimming holes are still but beckoning. The pray for rain is profound.
No longer do I come in casually from the garden with a basketful of spring greens, the earliest of radishes, a tub of energy-rich spinach, and think “oh, how nice to have a few tidbits, the earth’s first offerings”. Now it’s full-on, two canning kettles bubbling, the threat of squash taking over our lives. And yet. And yet, we have the creeping thoughts of winter, of firewood needing to be split and stacked ( oh, Denise, don’t mention it aloud!), of propagation for next year’s nursery season, of putting food up for the winter larder.
A brief account of summer from Gary Paulsen’s book Clabbered Dirt And Sweet Grass…it sums it up…this life, these seasons, this rhythm.

“With haying done there is not a separation of work. It continues. Always. But there is another line to cross and a new time comes then, comes then to the seasons- high summer. meterorological data means nothing, technical names mean nothing, the divisions are like music, like stops in a symphony. First thaw, early spring, breakup, middle spring, late spring, early summer, midsummer, high summer, late summer, early fall, Indian summer, first killing freeze, high fall, late fall, first snow, early winter, midwinter, high winter, late winter, first thaw, early spring, breakup…more names than months, more names than days, more names because more names are needed. For the luck”.

14 comments on “Are We There Yet? High Summer, I mean.

  1. On a somewhat related noe, two summers ago I bought a small thalictrum rochebrunianum from you all. It was so pretty last year and liked its location so much, that I purchased two more from you this year. The first one is just showing off this year. From what I’ve read she should be 5ft tall- she’s easily 8 ft! And she’s blooming like crazy. High summer looks good in Rockland.

  2. Oh, I love that quote–he is so right! Can you imagine living someplace without all those markers? I’d miss all the divisions so much. But you must be exhausted right about now! In a happy kind of way . . .

    • Yes, we are running a little low on fuel. the little delights have gone back to North Carolina, we just hosted a bridal shower for 35 in the gardens, it’s time to lean heavy into propagation for next year, and of course there is always weeding, weeding and more weeding. I think it’s time to host a nice high-summer ‘weed and feed’! Exhausted but you are right…in a happy kind of way!

  3. love the veggies photo! Yes, it is high summer, which I love but makes me sad because that of which you hinted sneaks ever closer.

    And I still have so much work to do outside!

  4. When I was still working, I would get annoyed when people commented on how much fun it must be to do what I do, as if it were so easy. Not many of those who commented as such would want that sort of work. I would tell them that it is not a job, but a lifestyle. I would be out changing irrigation in the middle of the night, and would then need to go back to start all over in the morning. Many people with’real’ jobs, work defined hours, and they get to go home at the end of the day. I know both types of work have their advantages. I know it is difficult to earn a living doing what I do. However, I intend to go back to it.

  5. I believe everywhere it experiencing high summer except the north of Spain. There’s been sooooo much rain! I’m not complaining though – not even a watering can needed and plenty of sunny spells to keep the plants happy. But, my tomatoes are very green and the squashes have only just started to flower.

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