Paeonia japonica

Arisaema consanguineum

Always amazed by the structure of seeds and seed pods while we are out collecting. Blooms may be less frequent now but we are blessed with all the seed diversity in the gardens. Nature’s well thought out arrangement with regard to seeds, pods, and dispersal. Pretty cool, heh?

Clematis viorna

Echinacea purpurea

16 comments on “Collecting

  1. Collecting seed is one of my obsessions. I swear I’m not going to collect so many but when I’m faced with a beautiful seed pod how can I not? Did your P. japonica have any fertile seed in the pod?? I’ve collected lots if you need any.

    • Here to , of course! Seeds are the foundation of it all, yes? We have plenty of Peony japonica seed, it just so happens that the one in the photo had only crimson seed. See you this month, perhaps? let us know!

    • They are some of the unique specimens we grow, except for the cone flower, which is common. Love the design of seeds and their pods! Even those fluttery maple seeds are interesting and well engineered for dispersal!

  2. When I went to Oklahoma in the autumn of 2012, I could not collect enough seed! I do not make a habit of it here where I am familiar with most plant species; but in Oklahoma, there were SO many unfamiliar plants! . . . and most of them were just throwing their seeds at me! Seriously the redbuds dropped seeds when I bumped into them!

    • Yes, I feel exactly that way when I am in Ireland! ( every year in the Fall I am there for some extended work). Mostly it is the urge to collect fern spores. The climate very different from Maine, much more temperate. I am sure I would be amazed at the flora of the west coast ( never been) and their seed as well! We are often all plant enthusiasts but I often find that the capsule that hold the plants information…seeds…equally fascinating.

      • I found the specialization of seed capsules to be fascinating. They put so much effort into appealing to their vectors who distribute the seed, although some just want to stick into their fir.

  3. Several years ago I collected many different seeds( mostly from trees ) and filled my cornucopia, I added feathers and it looked cute for a Thanksgiving display… As a kid I used to love to open milkweed pods , it looks like silk…Right now I have what looks like pea pods hanging from my trumpet vines. I’ll always be a kid at heart.

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