A Day Of Fishing

‘Ice Camp’

Our fishing neighbors 1/4 mile down the ice

The way to spend a birthday here in Maine during the month of January, when the temperatures are low and the lake is good and frozen and the brook trout and salmon are hungry for baitfish and you have a family(extended family included!) who are gung-ho for winter adventure, is to gather a sled and fill it with ice fishing traps and cast iron cookware and fresh eggs and bacon and a birthday cake and even a bit of champagne, and the wilderness tent with wood stove, and head out early to get a good spot on the ice. Then, everyone takes a job to get ‘camp’ set up, holes drilled, traps set, and bacon frying.

Odyn, the ‘ bacon fryer extraordinaire’

Best to throw in an enthusiastic 5-year-old who can endure a full day out on the ice (with glee and not one complaint of being cold or bored, by the way) to pull and whip around in a sled, to help pull the line up when a fish bites, and to cook the extra bacon strips on his home-made Hobo stove using a # 10 can. He ate everything he cooked, including one of the bait fish he decided to fry up as well. Already a well equipped outdoorsman, this one. Bravo, little friend!
That’s the very best way to enjoy not just a birthday with people you love but to embrace this beautiful state we live in and the wonderful outdoors.

22 comments on “A Day Of Fishing

    • Hi Sue, Happy New Year. You still could have that experience, we can make it happen and I know of a nice Inn right on the lake you can stay in! Ha! Good to hear from you and thanks for reading!

  1. I’m glad you had fun but you’d never get me on the Ice! Did I ever tell you the story of when Josh went Ice fishing with work buddies and fell in the hole? ( One leg anyway.)

  2. J > And aforesaid 5-year old doesn’t even wear a hat! A delight of a post : and I thought such adventures were confined to The Little House on the Prairie, or just a make-believe of the great American Dream. But either it’s a film studios you run, not a nursery gardens after all, or it does happen for real!

    • Amazing little guy for sure. Hat of course was available but was whipped off (by him) at some point during the day. Certainly sleeps at night after a day busy building fires, catching fish, and cruising around a frozen lake all day! As for our outing, i think I have some DNA from either Peter Pan or Pippi Longstocking or maybe both, adventure and fun high on my list! Happy New Year to you both!!

  3. Was it your birthday Denise ? Your celebration sounds like a great way to relax while having fun. I’m a January birthday celebrator, too. l How ever I will not be going ice fishing-sorry to say.Happy ad healthy 2019 to you ad Rick.

    • Yes, it was mine and a delightful way to add another year to my timeline! Happy New year Wally and great to hear from you. Summers are so busy here with the nursery that I feel determined to get as much fun and adventure ( and reading and knitting and sewing) as I can during the winter months. Happy January birthday to you as well!

    • Hi Judy! yes, he is quite a delightful little chap. Excellent parents who both spend time with he and his sister…teaching them, helping them to develop good character and morals and to be self reliant. Really, bravo to them. They are excellent parents and the proof is in their two very fun and delightful children! As for me, it is essential I have kids around as often as I can so that I can be one too!

  4. You make this sound like such an idyll! We live 30 feet from the ice and watch ice fishermen all winter long, from the warmth of our front room. I think I prefer it that way! But your party and all the homey bits you plan for and do so well–I can see the pleasure in that! And, yes, the little guy is a trouper–wish there were more like him.

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