Tomorrow is this season’s opening day at the Liberty Tool Company in the village of Liberty, Maine. Every year during the off-season I lend a hand helping out at Liberty Tool. I work a day in the store where I cruise the aisles filling bins and wooden boxes and stocking shelves with the new (old and useful and often collectible) inventory that has come in…wood planes, spokeshaves, old axes, wrenches, machinist tools, screwdrivers, drills, vices, just to name a very few of things you’ll find when visiting.

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I also spend time in the (epic) Davistown Museum across the road (also part of Liberty Tool) filing away research papers and cataloging books for the extended library that has been created. The museum is truly one of my favorite places to be, a treasure trove of art and old tools, sculpture, Native American artifacts, resources, and a library of both new and old books on everything from shipbuilding to woodworking tools to the history of Deere Isle, Maine during the Civil War. Amazing, really, it is truly amazing.

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So, I am encouraging and inviting anyone to make a trip to the little village of Liberty and check it out. Come tomorrow and you’ll get to take part in the yearly grand opening, an experience in itself! Someday I will sit and write a more lengthy piece on the legendary Liberty Tool Company, The Davistown Museum, and owner Skip Brack, it is so deserving of more words and insight because it is all, just that…legendary.
I have added a few photos but one should check out this video and an interview with Skip Brack, the owner of Liberty Tool, to get a real sense of why this place is so special and so needful. Then drive over and see for yourself!

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