Spring, We Can Feel It And We Can See It

It was over eighty in the greenhouse today without the heat turned on. The sun was strong. The dog lounged all day in a pile of leaves on the south side of the house. We uncovered two rows of conifers and they are so green green green and they appear happy to be unveiled. We potted up some Hepaticas and some more Bloodroot and sowed more vegetable seeds. We ate our lunch outdoors and saw our first robin return to the feeder. We didn’t have a fire in the woodstove all day. We thought about going up to John’s Ice Cream for a strawberry milkshake because it felt so deliciously warm that it made us think of spring and summer things…like milkshakes. We didn’t go because as much as we felt like sipping on a milkshake we didn’t feel like driving out through the mud and ruts that are indicative to spring and of course indicative to the other word for spring in the northeast…mud season. The sheep’s water buckets didn’t freeze overnight and the chickens were eager to get out of the henhouse and to cruise the yard for morsels. Tonight there is a possibility of light snow, perhaps a half an inch. That doesn’t mean it’s still winter and it doesn’t mean it’s not spring. This we know. We’ll stay flexible.
But today, we felt spring in our bones and we saw signs of it all around us. Glory be!
For the sake of spring, which may come and go several times before staying put..please read and enjoy this poem by Kate Barnes.

April and then May,
violets up in the field,
the ewes with their twin lambs;

time has decided
to turn into spring again
after all.

The maples are unfolding their leaves,
chives stand green at the kitchen door,
the black flies have decided to come back;
and the work mare has her new foal
capering over bluets in the pasture,
and the hall smells of daffodils;

and everything
is divinely ordinary –
the deep ruts in the field track,

the spring overflowing,
the excited swallows,
the apple trees

budding for perhaps the hundredth time –
and the pruned boughs budding too
that must bloom just where they lie.

By Kate Barnes

12 comments on “Spring, We Can Feel It And We Can See It

  1. AH, spring! You’ve jumped in with all four feet! It sounds wonderful– I don’t have all the reasons to notice the tiny, telling details that you do, with your lifestyle, but I know my cats feel it in their bones.

  2. Yesterday did feel like spring! Today feels like winter saying “oh yeah? I’m still here!” But it will melt fast. The days are so nice and long!

    We are so used to filling the pellet stove twice a day that this time of year we can’t quite believe our eyes when we open the hopper and it is still full from yesterday. Sweet!

    • Spring, winter.spring, winter,spring, winter…it’s like that old game, “She loves me, She loves me not, she loves me” while plucking the petals from the flower stem. Not sure yet what we’ll end up with from day to day!

      • Very true! I was doing taxes up in Bangor yesterday, and had to clean off the car in the morning. When I left, there was no trace of snow and I didn’t need a jacket. Yea!!!

  3. Spring comes too fast. We are not completely done with our winter chores. It is interesting thought that spring seems to have arrived elsewhere sooner than normal.

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