Due to feeling a little like Piglet in the episode of Winnie The Pooh where his house floats away because of the continuous rain, we will be opening for the season on Wednesday, May 8th. Our hours will still be Wednesday through Sunday, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. We are seeing lots of green shoots and swelling buds and even blooms from the ephemerals, but the ground is so squishy, saturated from the rain! I dare not complain, however, who knows what the upcoming season may bring in the way of drought. Here in the northeast, as many of you know, July and August have been terribly dry over the last three years. I am thankful that the groundwater is being amply replenished at the moment!
So, outdoors I go to fill the sales area with horticultural goodies and to continue potting up plants from the stock area. Even though our wardrobe staple consists of rain pants and rubber boots, we are so excited for the new growing season! Spring! We’ll welcome her every way we can!
Here are a few plants waiting for their spot in the nursery and a few that are already blooming in the gardens…

Trillium grandiflorum flora plena

Salix boydii

Saxifraga cotyledon

Cardamine glandulosa

Eranthis hyemalis

Helleborous thibetanus

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  1. This year we’ll take spring in whatever manner she presents herself!! The long cool days have allowed so many of the spring ephemerals to continue blooming longer than usual.
    My H. thibetanus bloomed well the last few years but not this year…..any thoughts on why that might be?

  2. today is sunny and windy and a wonderful day to be alive! Thank you for all the pretty plant photos, and the idea that spring is coming. I noticed my day lilies and garlic poking their little heads out. And my oriental poppies came through the winter alive. I also see some buds on the quince, and lilac, and rugosa roses. Just a few more weeks and there will be flowers.

  3. Denise, I’m trying to feel grateful for the slow unfolding of spring here this year; but, in truth, I really just want some warm sunshine so I can turn off the heat and open windows!

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