Chilly And Drizzly

Erythronium sibiricum

It has continued to be rather chilly and drizzly here in the northeast. Customers are coming to the nursery and commenting on how squishy their gardens are and for some this means a slight halt to any spring planting. There is certainly some wet areas in our own gardens, but we are still enjoying the blooms of early varieties. The coolness is helping to preserve their blooms and we are delighted by the extended show they are offering.
I’ll post some photos and move along to the outdoor activities that are calling, it’s 5:30 a.m and there’s a full day ahead, best get started! We are still potting up plants for the sales area, continuing to label any new varieties of plants (some real beauties!), sowing seeds in the garden and tending the seedlings in the greenhouse.

Trillium cuneatum

Peony ‘Little Red Gem’

What’s happening in your garden at the moment? Do you feel stalled by the weather? Is it squishy underfoot? What’s blooming?
In a strange way, I actually appreciate that the weather and conditions are present to ‘rein’ me in. I am reminded to work along and beside the natural world I am so privileged to bear witness to. I can engage with it but on her terms and at her pace. When I am impatient, the earth gently waggles her finger at me and says ” I’ll get there when I get there, stop hurrying me”. Thank you dear buds and blooms and shoots and seeds, thank you for reminding me to be still, to wait, to work with and not against. A good blessing for the day!

Allium tricoccum

Sanguinaria canadensis


20 comments on “Chilly And Drizzly

    • Hi Judy, Hope your season is going well despite the rain. The blooms are holding longer and we are enjoying that. So little time to be on the computer these days, a bit out of touch! Still love reading your blog and it is always good to hear from you! Hello to Dennis!

  1. So pretty! No flowers blooming yet, but the forsythia!!! It is glorious this year! The quince WANTS to bloom but doesn’t quite dare. The asparagus is up and almost ready to feed us, so there is hope! My primroses are planted near a big rock, and so are always late, it keeps them cold longer. I have their sunny faces to look forward to!

      • Definitely grateful for the water. But a little sunshine? It was61 when I left the office tonight, and it almost felt too warm! I had to shed my jacket!

        • Denise, it is always good to see you and Rick and all the pretty flowers! And to find you are also a College women’s basketball fan is a serious plus! A was too reserved to tell you, but she was a basketball star in high school. She warmed the bench for a few years in college, too. 😉 She made it to a state championship game, but lost. Lots of fun and hard work, as you know.

    • Hello Dorothy, The best way to follow the blog is to click the ‘follow’ button on the site. I don’t think I can add visitors to the site from my end, The way to follow the blog is to visit the blog and to sign up, Hope this helps! Thank you for visiting the nursery, it was so fun to chat with you and Glenice as well!
      Best, Denise to

  2. I so enjoy your musings Denise! Missing you and Rick. Wish our homes were closer…..but we have some of Fernwood right here in Newburyport! How do I post pictures?!
    Xo Susan and Ian

    • Hi Susan and Ian’ Hoping you two will soon be north bound and resting your cheerful souls in the little cabin, sitting out with us fireside for a meal, and a nip, and the very excellent conversation (and laughter) we have come to enjoy and love! Not sure how you post pictures here on the blog but I know you can on our personal email We’ll try and do some real looking at those garden plans you sent for the client you have. Been a bit hectic here in the north woods!! Miss you guys and yes, for sure, living close to us would be a dream! possibilities!!!

  3. Looking good! But I do wish the weather would warm up. Also, want to let you know that the Solomon’s Seal I bought from you is thriving. A wonderful addition to the garden.

  4. I saw ‘Little Red Gem’ in a catalogue from a Adelman Peony Gardens in Oregon, and thought it looked rather silly. Their picture showed a close up of the flower, and it did not look like much for the expensive price, like those funny looking Boxter BMWs that are so expensive, but not even equipped with a back seat. Yours looks more like Zha Zha Gabor with a feathered boa. It is nice that you can grow them. Our climate is too mild. We can buy them in nurseries, but I only rarely see them do well. I intend to grow them eventually, even if to get just a few flowers.

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