Cimicifuga ‘James Compton’ still looking magnificent

The nursery is still humming along. We stay open with regular hours for the remainder of September ( Fall is an excellent time to plant!) and then we will open the doors by appointment through October if there are some last minute plants you long for. Check our email or contact if you’d like to make arrangements in October. Rick will be here holding place while I travel to Romania to visit sheep farmers and blacksmiths and cheese makers. Exciting, exciting!! Then I will stop in Ireland on the way home and spend a week at the farm helping my friend Sally with whatever projects she has in store. I’ll visit with my dear Irish friends, which I am so looking forward to!
Stay tuned for adventure updates and photos and Happy Fall to all of you!

4 comments on “Travel

  1. I am going to bring your board (for making hypertufa pots) and book (Irish farmers) back before the end of the month. Can’t wait to hear about your travels. Two of our dear godchildren are from roumania so we have a lot of interest in that culture.

  2. It sounds a lovely way to spend some time!

    I hate that things are winding down so much it seems so soon. But all the plants look beautiful and will need their rest to have a good year next year…

  3. Fall?!
    Well, I suppose so. In our chaparral climate, it ‘really’ is the best time for planting most things; although, because winter is so mild, what doesn’t get planted in autumn gets planted in winter.

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